20 Free Light Effects Brush Sets for Photoshop

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When you want to create stunning effects in Adobe Photoshop, a really great and fast way is to use brushes. Working with pre-designed light effects brushes will save you a lot of time and you can rapidly make amazing artworks.

These are great to use for both digital or printed projects and are meant to mesmerize the viewer. They are beautifully created by designers and each pack comes with a variety of brushes, which makes them even more versatile.

These freebies are very easy to use, all you need to do is to download the ones that you love and just simply add them to Photoshop. You can customize each brush by modifying its parameters to make it fit your design.

Take a look at this selection of 20 free light effects brush sets for Photoshop, add them to your creative assets list and use them to bring your designs to life.


This is a nice set of 10 high-quality brushes that will help you enhance your images or any creative design.


Unreal Brushes v.4

Here is a great collection of 9 unreal brushes created by Edelihu. Use them in your projects to make your projects more lively.


Light Lines

This is a neat set of 13 beautiful brushes that was made by Chrissy79. It includes amazing light lines that can be very useful in any design.



This is an excellent pack of 20 abstract brushes. It was created by env1ro and it includes many beautifully designed brushes. Use them in your designs and download them for your collection.

extremely abstract

Sui generis Brushes v.1

This is an awesome collection of 10 great brushes that you can use in your designs. They are very easy to use, just download and add to Photoshop. Enjoy!


Cosmic Lights

This is a great set of 30 high resolution Adobe Photoshop brushes. It includes beautifully designed light shapes that will definitely bring a little spark to your work.


Silky Lights

This is an amazing pack of 7 Adobe Photoshop Brushes. It has nice silly, abstract lights. Take a look!


Hyper Brushes

These hyper brushes are great to use in your projects to make them stand out. Download and use them to add your own designs. Enjoy!


Winter Breeze

This is a nice set of 12 brushes for you to use in your designs. They are beautifully created and will definitely make your project stand out.


Dynamic Night Light Brush

Here is a great brush for you to use in Adobe Photoshop. It offers a dynamic night light brush that can be used for multiple purposes. Enjoy!



This is a neat collection of 14 brushes that have a beautiful design. Download and use them in your projects.


High Res Sparkling Light Effects

Take a look at these high-quality sparkling light effects. These can look amazing on your design. Download and use them!


Mystical Light Effects

Download and use these amazing mystical light effects. They will look beautiful on your design and really make it stand out.



Serenity is a collection of 15 beautiful Adobe Photoshop brushes. These have a neat design and are ready to use. Enjoy!


Silicon Brushes

This is a great collection of 6 brushes that you can use in Adobe Photoshop. Download and use them for your own projects.


Light Beams + Rays Brushes

This is a nice pack of high-quality Adobe Photoshop brushes. It includes different light beams and rays of light that you can use for various designs.


Light Streaks Brushes

This is a great collection of 30 light streaks brushes for you to use in Adobe Photoshop. These will look amazing in your designs. Take a look!


Fantasy Lighting Brush Kit

This is a beautifully create pack of 19 brushes specially created for Adobe Photoshop. This includes sparkles, natural lighting, lens flares, light circles and more.


Light Streak

This is a nice set of 14 beautifully created Adobe Photoshop brushes. Download and use them for your artwork.


Lightning Bolt Brushes

This is a great pack of 40 lightning bolt brushes that you can use in Adobe Photoshop. Download them now!


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