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Just like the iPhone and other Apple products, there’s no doubt the new iPad will begin to appear in a range of website designs in the near future. I’ve been busy working on an iPad style icon pack for you to download for free use in your upcoming website or application designs, or to simply save in in your resources folder until the opportunity comes around! The pack includes the full size graphic, as well as 256px, 128px and 64px icons sizes.

The icon pack includes four sizes of the iPad graphic, in PSD, PNG and Mac ICNS formats. Be sure to also check out the handy Creative Commons resources used in the build process from Arnar Valdimarsson and Johnny Blaze. If you’re interested in building your own iPad icon in Photoshop, the complete design process can be found on my blog: How To Create a Detailed Apple iPad Icon in Photoshop

Download the icon pack

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Written by Iggy

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  1. Asker says:

    Thanks Chris :-)

  2. Ivan Mišić says:

    Very nice :-) THX Chris

  3. Roland says:

    When iPad was announced, I thought that somebody will release an icons pack of this gadget. Thank you, Chris, this icon pack is awesome :) I don’t know still, where I will use it, but I’ll find where :)

  4. Antoine Guédès says:

    Nicely realized!
    Thank you Chris.

  5. Braden says:

    Yeah, not seeing png or icns file…just psd. Looks amazing though Chris

  6. Remus says:

    nice but i don’t like ipad i like your design :)

  7. Remus says:

    onlie psd ?

  8. Codesquid says:

    You’ve really get your finger on the pulse with this one! Maybe we can use them to mark sites that are ‘ipad compatible’, i.e sites that don’t use too much flash. Haha.

  9. Andy Sowards says:

    Nice job Chris – Only you can take something that blows, and make a cool Icon set from it ;)

    Keep up the good work all around my friend!

    Have a great 2010!

  10. matt says:

    the ipad does look like a wonderful piece of equipment

  11. mohdisa says:

    thanks for sharing. :)

  12. Bill says:

    I just tripled the size of my iPhone icon.

  13. Rajesh says:

    thanks for sharing., these awesome icons :)

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