How Editing Images Could Make Your Brand Stand Out

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You know the importance of having the type of visual content that will really speak to your audience. Great visual content can do more than simply attract attention however. The right choice of images can make your brand stand out; whether it is a company brand, or that of a personal blog.

Authenticity – Clients often supply their own images; but when it comes to a building a personal website or blog, you’re usually on your own. You either must take multiple shots with your camera or phone, or process images with a super-cool photo editor for Mac, like Luminar.


                        The Luminar Interface easily adapts to your style and skill level.

Relevancy – Given a typical Internet user’s short attention span, images must be relevant. They must relate to the articles or ads they accompany, or the products promote. They represent promises of things to come.

Visual Brand Coherence – A random or incoherent use of images will not only fail to enhance your brand; it will detract from it. Every image must in some way be supportive of the brand, as small or subtle as that level of support may be.

How a Smart Use of a Photo Editing App Can Up Your Online Brand’s Game

Visual content reigns supreme in the online world. Except for headlines, viewers pay little attention to text while searching They rely on visual content to point them in the right direction.

Visuals help people process information easier and faster than is possible with text. This is one reason why the image editor you use is so important. A run-of-the-mill image editor can place limits on your creativity, as you can see if you check out this Luminar vs. Lightroom comparative analysis.

Ways in which visuals can emphasize and bolster your online brand:

Choose visual effect or effects that are supportive of your brand’s values.

You need to do so some reverse engineering to make this work. Start with the brand, and see which photo editing filter(s) should be used to produce an image that is supportive, or will add emphasis. You must, of course, select the right images in the first place; but the photo editing techniques you employ, are often most important for supporting the brand.

What you are promoting should indicate whether you need to soften an image, make it more dramatic, or in some way make it more engaging.

Here, for example, is how you can add drama to an image:

Using different image filtering techniques for different blog sections.

Whether the blog is corporate one or personal, you should feel free to apply different filtering techniques to different blog sections.

Matching the images to the content of a section not only enhances the overall look of that section, it tells the visitor you’ve done your homework in trying to make the best possible presentation. This is a good example of how variety can be just as supportive of your brand as is uniformity.

Feeling Creative? Have no fear.

Stock photos have their place, but unless they are chosen with great care, it’s difficult to find ones that won’t give your blog a somewhat impersonal look. This is where this excellent photo editor for Mac comes in. If it’s drama you want, no problem. You can even put quirky imaging effects to good use. It’s easy to do, and a touch of quirkiness can make your brand stick out as something very special.


            The three simple steps involved in using Luminar’s Clone Stamp feature.

There’s no need to be a professional photographer to create some interesting or humorous visuals. Just try clone stamping.

Luminar – The First Photo App that Adapts to Your Style and Skill Level

Luminar is a complex photo app. You might think that complexity is something best avoided –  but that’s not the case here. Luminar’s UI easy to work with. It adapts to your style and skill level. The bottom “Presets” bar provides access to Luminar’s basic and most straightforward features; perfect for beginners.

As you gain experience, you can work with additional features, like masking, subfolders, layers, etc.



Like all Luminar features, basic or advanced; cropping is intuitive.

Luminar’s crop tools are almost ridiculously easy to use. In addition to adjusting the crop size, you can also resize and rotate an image, and more.

Color Splash

There are several ways to create an interesting color splash effect, none of which are complex.

It’s simply a matter of taking a color photo, converting it to B&W, masking an area, and brushing the color back in – as shown here:


Selecting a simple filter is all it takes to create an image that packs some punch.

Sharpen, Enhance, or Resize an Image

Luminar’s software supports JPEG, PNG, Raw photos, and many other formats. To edit a photo typically involves nothing more than uploading it, editing it, and clicking “Shift-Command-E” to export the edited result.

It’s easy to select your own image size, and select among several modes to optimize the quality. Having done so, simple click on “Save” to save the result.

There are many ways to enhance a photo with Luminar. You can use its photo-enhancing features to make an image more dramatic, darker and more mysterious, bring out detail, or give it a riot of color. The secret to this lies in “presets”, although you can also employ manual methods in cases where you want to exercise maximum control.

Luminar give you more than 300 image-editing tools to work with.

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Written by Iggy

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. You can follow Iggy on Twitter.


  1. Russ White says:

    You limit yourselves to mac tools here, which is a shame, because there are many great tools on the windows platform, as well. Specifically, CaptureOne makes a great set of tools for processing and editing images of all kinds.

    Don’t get stuck in the mac rut — break out a little. There’s an entire world out there outside the large grey wall of macland… :-)

    • Emily says:

      Hi Russ!

      Totally agree!
      As an Android user, I personally feel sorry for all folks with iPhones who just can’t imagine themselves living with different device. Similarly to Mac-Windows problem.
      I use Mac and I’ve tried Luminar, and I must say that it’s pretty interesting app to try. But what’s more interesting – its developers are going to release PS version this spring. So hopefully we’ll see more cross-patform software in the nearest future

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