20 Fun Dingbat Fonts You Should Check Out

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Dingbat fonts are the way to go if you are looking for some unique symbols and patterns that are also web-friendly. Dingbat fonts are very versatile and can be used for many types of design projects, from creating patterns, decorations, to ornaments and more.

They can also be used to add a touch of elegance to your typography or even a quirky feel, depending on the fonts you choose. You can create decorative elements, vintage ornaments, hand-drawn illustrations, and more.

These dingbat fonts are also based on icons or symbols that can be transformed into buttons, illustrations, or other elements for your web projects. Another good thing about this type of fonts is that they can be easily transformed into vectors.  Also, there are several dingbat fonts that use hand-drawn elements which are ideal for projects with a more handmade touch style.

If you like this type of fonts, here is a list of 20 dingbat fonts you can use for your designs. Check them out!

We Spray

Check out this collection of 73 spray shapes which make up a whole dingbat font family!


Border Corners

This is a unique dingbat font that helps you to easily add borders to your designs.


LP Flowers

LP Flowers is a dingbat font inspired by nature. This dingbat floral font is going to enrich your projects and can be successfully used to create awesome patterns and ornaments.


Birds of a Feather

Birds of a feather is a symbolic font designed by Iconian Fonts.  It shows different shapes of birds, owls, ducks, parrots, and more.


4Yeo Sport

4Yeo sport is a dingbat font from 4Yeo based on sports silhouettes. You can use this for renderings, images, illustrations and more.



Lassus is a music inspired font, designed by David Rakowski. Create awesome music-inspired designs with this font.


Damask Dings

Damask dings is a shapes dingbat font, created by Lauren Thompson. Use this font to add beautfiful ornaments to your projects.



Swinging is designed by Manfred Klein. This is a shapes font that can make your projects more elegant and vintage-looking.


Adhesive Seven

Adhesive Seven is a banner inspired dingbat font created by Roland Hörmann. Use this instead of separate vectors, to create awesome banners for your web projects.


Eutemia Ornaments

Eutemia Ornaments is a shape font designed by Bolt Cutter Design. You can use this dingbat font to add some elegant ornaments to your work.

Eutemia Ornaments

Adorn Ornaments

Adorn Ornaments comes with 130 beautiful illustrations designed by Laura Worthington. This dingbat font is uniquely created from decorative elements, vintage ornaments, hand-drawn illustrations, and more.


Pixel Patterns

Pixel Patterns is a perfect font for creating seamless backgrounds for your projects.  This font is very easy to use and may be just what your project needs.


Travel Icon Font

Travel Icon font is a dingbat font that uses icons. It is designed by user Viruta and has around 63 icons to choose from.


Qizulu: Africa Zulu Ethnic Symbols Font

Qizulu is an ethnic symbols font created by joiaco. It is inspired by the Zulu people, from Southern Africa. This dingbat font derives from their ethnic patterns, mimicking their hand painted artworks.


QikEdges – edges & borders font

QikEdges is a dingbat font that really sparks your creativity. It has over 80 motifs which vary from simple elements to elaborated geometrical patterns.  This font is very easy to use in any program that uses texts.


Wirecons—Icon Font

Wirecons is an icon based font that can be easily used to create buttons and different elements for your website.



Asterisks is a font based on the asterisk symbol. This font can be used to create logos, diagrams, illustrations, or just about anything you have in mind. It includes 94 symbols for you to choose from.


Road Sign Vol. I Font Pack

Road sign vol. 1 is a font pack that includes 52 items. This dingbat font includes road sign symbols that can be used as menu icons, buttons and more.


Adorn Solo

Adorn solo is an elegant and modern font that can be used to personalize invitations, cards and more. This handmade creation uses select combinations of sketches for each letter that will definitely spark your imagination.


Adorn Catchwords

Adorn catchwords is a handmade dingbat font that uses the calligraphic technique to enrich the quality of your project. There are a lot of variations of this decorative font to choose from.


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