20 Awesome Data Visualization Tools

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Generating charts, maps, analysis, and various infographics can take up a lot of your time. These amazing data visualization tools will help you ease your workflow by offering all the necessary elements that you need to rapidly and effortlessly create stunning visualizations in just a few steps.

You don’t need any special technical abilities to generate various data visualizations, just insert your own data and the program does all the work. Their interfaces are very intuitive and easy to use and you can simply drag & drop your information and view in a real time how the charts and graphs are generated.

These best data visualization tools work in all major browsers and include many great functions. You can use them to create interactive visualizations with animations. Just upload your data, visualize your selected infographic and share it with your team members!

Take a look at their full features lists and see which one offers what you need. These are real time-savers and you won’t regret using them.


DataHero is a very useful data visualization tool that you can use to build remarkable charts and dashboards from any app.



Tableau is perfect for creating graphics, charts, maps and other useful data visualization tools. This item is free to use and saves you a lot of time. Take a look!



Dygraphs comes in handy when you want to explore and interpret complex data sets. This uses JavaScripts and it is highly customizable.


InstantAtlas is a neat data visualization tool that helps you with mapping. More explicit it lets you create interactive reports that contain both statistics and maps data.



Exhibit offers all the necessary tools to rapidly build web pages with complex search, map, filtering functions, etc. This helps you create interactive data visualizations.

SIMILE-Widgets-_-data visualization tools


Leaflet is another amazing mapping tool that lets you create interactive maps. Take a look at what it has to offer and use it in your future projects!



This is a useful jQuery plugin that offers a great solution to create lovely line and point charts. It also has a function that generates them automatically. Check it out!


JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit

Here you have a great data visualization tool that gives you all that you need to display your data. It includes unique styles and various animations.



Plotly can be used to build stunning infographics with the help of an online chart creator. Take a look and use it in your current or upcoming projects!

Plotly-·-Make-charts-and-dashboards-online data visualization tools


This is a great data visualization tool that you can use to create mixed chart types, animations, and other useful data. Check it out and use them in your projects.



Check out this useful tool that comes in handy when using your spreadsheets to create various graphics to visualize your data better. Check it out and use it for your data!

RAWGraphs data visualization tools


ZingChart comes with more than 100 chart types that you can use to create stunning graphics. Take a look at all and see which ones fit your projects.



Timeline is a wonderful widget which you can use to build interactive timelines. Each element offers further information when clicked on or hovered over.



WolframAlpha is responsible for creating beautiful charts that you can create using your own data. Check them out and use them in your future projects!


Visualize Free

This great data visualization tool gives you all that you need to create striking visualizations to showcase your information in an interactive way.



FusionCharts includes over 90 charts and gauges, 965 interactive maps, a great dashboard, demos, and other useful tools. Download and use them in your own projects.



This is a great JavaScript library that utilizes HTML, SVG, and CSS to create various charts from your own data. Take a look and see if you can use them in your projects!



Here is an amazing data visualization tool that helps to automatically generate charts and graphics. This item can be downloaded for free.

JpGraph---Most-powerful-PHP-driven-charts data visualization tools

Google Charts

This is a very useful data visualization tool which includes many animations and interactive controls. Check it out and see if you can use them in your upcoming projects!

Using-Google-Charts- _ -Charts- _ -Google-Developers


CartoDB is an amazing website that lets you connect tubular data with maps to create stunning data visualization graphics. Take a look!


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