Bootstrap Resources | 20 Plugins and Components for Extending Bootstrap

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Bootstrap offers many powerful tools that assist you in creating professional-looking websites or online applications. However, in case you need to expand its functionalities, in this article, you will discover an impressive collection of Bootstrap resources, such as plugins and components, that you can use right away.

You can choose between various useful items, for instance, social buttons, calendars, check boxes, date pickers, clock pickers, image galleries, magnify, menus, dynamic paginations, progress bars, website tours, and more. Browse through all of these Bootstrap resources, select your favorites and start using them!

Explore this excellent collection of Bootstrap resources and see which one of these plugins and components are perfect for your web designs.


This is a useful calendar that you can create with Twitter Bootstrap. It includes various templates with year, the month, weeks and days views.



Here is a neat plugin that you can use to improve the standard checkboxes and radio inputs. This includes 4 color modes, custom design, more touch area, and more.



Use this neat plugin to add a date picker to any element from your website. This extension uses various formats: dd, d, mm, m, yy, and various separators: -, /.



Should you need a clock picker to add to your web projects, this plugin offers just what you need. Check out this amazing time picker with a unique design.


jqBootstrapValidation plugin

This is a form validation plugin that you can quickly add to your Bootstrap project. Download and use it to improve your online forms.


Bootstrap Modal Carousel

This is a great set of plugins that allow you to view a specified content in a full-screen modal box. This is actually a carousel that automatically adapts to any size, according to the screen.


Image Gallery plugin

Download and use this plugin to create a fully responsive image gallery carousel and lightbox that automatically adapts to any screen size.



Here is a neat plugin that you can add to your Bootstrap project. This lets you add a magnifying glass to any image from your website when hovered over.



Extend your menu styles by using this great Bootstrap plugin. You can choose between various types: vertical, horizontal, folder view, and more.



This is an excellent jQuery plugin that allows you to create a dynamic pagination element which you can add to your online project to ease navigation.


Bootstrap Progress bar plugin

Use this plugin to your online Bootstrap projects. This is a neat progress bar that has 3 colored zones, each one with its functionalities.


Social Buttons for Bootstrap

This is a lovely extension that you can insert into your online projects. You have a great variety of social buttons that you can choose from.


Bootstrap Multiselect plugin

This is a jQuery-based plugin that lets you multi-select various items. Take a look and see if you can use this into your current or future projects.



This is a great jQuery plugin which allows you to automatically produce a table of contents. This can be further customized with Bootstrap jQueryUI Themeroller.


Tab collapse

This is a neat Bootstrap plugin that turns the tabs component to collapse component for smaller screens. This allows the content to be perfectly visualized, no matter the screen size.



This is a simple but effective Bootstrap extension that converts an ordered list to a tree-style organization.


Bootstrap Video Player plugin

This is a lovely video player plugin that is based on Bootstrap and it comes with fully customizable HTML5 features.


Bootstrap Website Tour

You might consider using a website tour to help users navigate around. This great Bootstrap plugin does just that.



This is a fairly simple but neat jQuery extension with a fully responsive layout. This plugin allows you to turn any pack of Bootstrap tabs into an accordion.


MultiSuggest plugin

This is a great plugin that you can add to Twitter Bootstrap that allows you to create a multi suggestion form with an autocomplete, dropdown widget.


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