20 Best Tools for Freelancers

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Are you working as a freelancer? If the answer is “Yes”, then you’ll absolutely love this roundup! We searched for the best tools for freelancers and selected 20 of them. You can use these great tools to increase your productivity and ease your workflow. These are very useful tools for any type of freelancer, from designers to writers, bloggers, marketers and more. These tools are real time savers and you can use them for multiple purposes, even for repetitive tasks that are so time-consuming.

These tools can be also used for managing your projects, set reminders, manage copyrights, keeping your finances in check, collaborate with your team, receive feedback, suggestions, transfer large files, and more. Also, most of them have both desktop and mobile versions, which gives you the possibility to use them from your phone or tablet as well.

Browse through this hand-picked collection, take a look at each tool’s features and see what it can do for you. Enjoy!


Wunderlist gives you all the necessary tools to get things done. You can use it to manage multiple projects, plan a holiday, set reminders, and more



Use MYOWS to manage your copyrights in the best way possible. You can easily create a unique project, register it, manage and protect your rights all with MYOWS.



MINT is an excellent personal finance mobile application that keeps your transactions in order. You can use it for budgeting tools, bill reminders, and more.



MeisterTask is very useful when it comes to task management. You can customizable your dashboard,  check your projects anytime, brainstorm with others in real-time, and more.



Zapier is a neat platform that gives you the opportunity to connect more than 750 applications in order to create automated workflows.



Buffer lets you connect with more than 3 million people that are now using this platform. You can choose what to post, which social media accounts to post on, customize each post, schedule them as you like, and more.



Envato Studio helps you connect with lots of individuals and companies. You can find various projects that you can work on and make some money and the companies will get amazing designs.



Evernote helps you be more organized and keep everything in check. You can use it from your desktop and also take it with you on any mobile device.



Toggl is a very used tool for time tracking among freelancers and companies. It lets you see exactly how much time you spend on each project in order to see your productivity.



Bonsai is a useful platform that includes contract wizards to produce contracts and to send them to clients. It can definitely help you with your projects and moreover, is free for freelancers.



DesignBrief helps you create professional proposals for your clients. These can be viewed online or saved in PDF format, depending on each client.


Freshbooks is an accounting software that helps you manage your business. It was created for small businesses and it offers assistance to organize expenses, track your time, prepare your taxes and more.



This is an excellent app that helps you manage invoices, track expenses, make payments and more. You can also set a billing schedule just to be sure that you never send an invoice too late.



Trello can be used to manage your work whether you are an individual or part of a team. You can see work in progress, organize tasks, and discussions.



#slack is very useful to all freelancers to ease their work and to be more organized. Take a look at its features and see what it can do for you.



IFTTT gets all your applications and services connected and automates tasks. It is a neat tool that can benefit any freelancer.



Hootsuite helps individuals manage multiple networks, schedule content, and more. You have all your tools all in one place.



You can use Dropmark to organize links, files, and text notes and then decide who is going to see it. You can also collaborate with colleagues, receive feedback, suggestions, and many other great features.



WeTransfer is about file sharing, sending a secure download link to the recipient. It is a very useful tool for any designer.



Bitbucket is a code management system that gives you all that you need to collaborate with your team members. Take a look at what it has to offer and use it for your business.


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Written by Iggy

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  1. Lisa Stewart says:

    Great post!

    I may add, however, that when choosing these online apps for business, to investigate all that they incorporate. For instance, I thought MINT might be the best tool evar until after I spent hours upon hours creating my perfect dashboards with receipts only to discover that they don’t work with SquareUp. Since many entrepreneurs and small businesses work with Square, it’s frustrating to learn that one needs the whole picture when working with finances, not just a subset.

    To date (Jan 2017) they still do not work with Square.

    Hope that helps anyone who had any desire to work with Mint reconsider until they do decide to work with Square.

  2. Myows says:

    What a wonderful roundup. Thanks for including us in such good company!

  3. Bill Jack says:

    Great list of tools. I’d also like to add for management here. With ProofHub, your projects, teams, clients and all the communication stays in one place without the need of investing in too many different tools to run your business. This makes it easy to create plans, collaborate with teams and clients, keep things organized and deliver projects on time.

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