20 Best Titanium Modules for Mobile Developers

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If you are creating mobile applications you will find this framework very useful. Appcelerator Titanium gives you all the tools that you need to successfully create mobile apps with professional designs and features.

Here you have 20 best Titanium modules that you can use to rapidly design mobile applications. This is a useful collection of neat modules that you can use for various purposes. You will find Titanium modules about radio streaming, restaurant apps, WooCommerce, Google places, fast food, shopping apps, to-do apps, Youtube channels, sound recording, weather channels, and more.

You can use these premium items to create mobile applications for both iOS and Android devices. Take a look at all and choose the ones that meet your requirements. Enjoy!

Restaurant app template

Restaurant app is a titanium mobile app that was created especially for restaurants, cafe bars, recipe applications. Take a look and see what it has to offer.

Restaurant-app-template-by-mobidonia- best Titanium modules t

Mokets (Mobile Commerce Full Application)

Mokets is a mobile application that offers full support for multiple shops. This item is also compatible with any kind of iOS device.


Radio Streaming

Radio Streaming is a great mobile device app that is compatible with both iOS and Android. for iPhone and Android made easy!


ElSabbat – Woocommerce Titanium App

El Sabbat is a titanium mobile app that was designed for eCommerce websites, for those that support VooCommerce. Check out its’ full features!


Restaurateur (Solution For Any Restaurants App)

This is a neat mobile application that was created especially for restaurant-related app builder. You can add modules such as reservations, check out, payment, and more.


This item has integrated ARTi and other neat features. Take a look at its full characteristics and use it for yourself. Enjoy!


Fast Food App includes a couple of generic table view with multiple icons, searchable menu, location map tab. Check out its’ full features!


Swipe-able Photo Gallery is an iOS layout that was created using Appcelerator’s Titanium. This item includes multiple directories of images, a swipe full size viewer, custom settings.


KolYoumDeal is a mobile application that was created to help customers save money. This app is compatible with both iOS and Android.


To-Do App is a great mobile application that was designed with Titanium. This app helps you organize your tasks so that you never forget anything.


Simple Foursquare Application

Foursquare is a useful mobile application that shows you stores, restaurants, etc. that are near you at that point.


Youtube Channel and Playlist for Titanium

Youtube Channel and Playlist is a Titanium template that has all the tool to create great mobile applications. This app’s UI is very similar to that of iOS devices.



Insta-Photo is a neat mobile application that can be used similarly to Instagram, Camera+, Hipstamatic. Take a look at what it has to offer!


Sound Recording to Cloud

Sound Recording, as the name states, is a recorder that saves the files in various formats and compressions. It is a useful mobile application that can be easily added to your mobile.


Weather Channel API Interface

Weather Channel is a beautiful mobile application with a professional design. Download and use it for your mobile apps. Enjoy!


Titanium Mobile: iOS Pull2Refresh

Titanium Mobile si a small app that you can use for Twitter news, ajax calls, RSS feed etc. This app can be refreshed by pulling the list down.


Titanium BlurMenu IOS Module

Here is a neat iOS menu with a blurred background. Take a look and see its full features and use it in your projects. Enjoy!


Titanium App rating module for iOS and Android

Take a look at this titanium application rating module that you can use for iOS and Android. Download and use it in your projects.

Parse Module + Sample Code

Here are a iOS and Android platform that you can use to login to Facebook. Check out its full features and see what it has to offer.



TiSpritesheet is a great app that you can use to create sprite sheet animations for games and apps. This is very easy to use and is available to use right away.


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