25 Best Number Fonts for Displaying Numbers

25 Best Number Fonts for Displaying Numbers

Typography is one of the bases of the design process.  Generally, when people talk about typography, the first image that pops in anyone’s mind are letters. Typography isn’t limited to alphabets. Typography can also be for special characters and numbers. One of the most popular typography practices that has nothing to do with alphabets is display number typography.  Generally, people don’t realize that numbers can be a great way of showing creativity. At first glance, they may appear to be boring and monotonous. However, in reality this is not the case. Many number font will change your perspective on the potential of numbers making a design impact.

Numbers can be as expressive and different as letters when we talk about typography. However, finding several fonts can be challenging. When you consider infographics, pricing tables and also landing pages that have special offers, you look at the numerical value first. Hence it is a very important element of visual design.  Here are the best number fonts for displaying numbers:

1.  Superstar M54:

Best Number Fonts - Superstar

This is a great font that is available for free for personal use. It is an ideal number font that works best for giving any design and sports jersey the superstar feel.   This font is mainly best for apparel design. It comes with special characters like a dollar that have an alternate glyph for ‘S’ letter. Left and right curly brackets also have an alternate 2 and 5 glyphs.

2. Crash Numbering:

Best Number Fonts - Crash Numbering

Crash Numbering is a free font for both personal and commercial use. There are more than 40 glyphs that include numbers and basic arithmetic symbols. The font is strictly a number font and has no alphabetical characters. The user gets the same font in two variants – Goth and Serif style. This gives the user the freedom to choose between styles that fit their style the best.

3. 001 Interstellar Log:

001 interstellar log

This is an amazing number font, especially if you want to use prominent upscale numerical fonts. The number font has a sci-fi inspired number style that also has a little techno influence in it. The design is futuristic and alien-like, as the name Interstellar suggests. It is an ideal number font for designing banners and graphics for a gaming event, or a cosplay competition.

4. Crossword Font:

crossword font

As the name suggests, Crossword Number font is a font created to create crossword puzzles. It is a font that aims at creating the game for free without any need of buying special software to enjoy the game. It comes in handy for people who love solving crosswords but don’t want to spend their money on software to play it. You can make use of this font on any word processing publishing program.

5.  KR First Years Dings:

Best Number Fonts - kr first years dings

KR number is a fun number font created by Kat’s Fun Fonts. The font has candle flames on top of each character. It is a free font for non-commercial use.  This free font is ideal for driving a sense of nostalgia to childhood for adults or targeting children and making products more alluring for them.  It is ideal for birthday party invites and Halloween party banners as well.

6. Bungee Shade:

bungee shades

Bungee Shade is a great number font. It has the essence of a car race countdown effect in the numbers. It is ideal for any requirement for an adrenaline-filled style design project. This makes it ideal for running advertisements for any running or racing ads. It has a shade design that makes it look box. This creates a pop effect that helps it stand out in various mediums. The font has a thin lining inside the numbers that makes it look more authentic to old school designs.

7. Handwritingg Font:

Handwritingg Font

Handwritingg Font is one of the best numbers of fonts. It is free to download for personal use. As the name suggests, the font has a very handwritten feel to it. It is eccentric, has breathable space between the characters and can also add life to any design project. The number font looks cool and effortless. It isn’t a font that looks the tidiest or the most impressive, as it is designed to recall or portray hand-written characters.

8. Press Start 2P:

Best Number Fonts - press 2p font

Press Start 2P is another ideal number font. It is a nostalgia-driven font for people who would have played Super Mario and games from that era. The font is based on 80s pixel art games. Having a pixel style effect already makes the font interesting. However, each number in this font has its unique signature pixel style. Hence this font is ideal for gaming sites or creating a unique design for brands and blogs that want to achieve an old school feel.

9. Digital- 7 Font Family:

digital 7

Digital- 7 Font Family is a free number font with a digital look. It looks like the logo for the TV show ‘24’. This font is ideal for creating websites for digital blogs or digital services. It is free to download for personal use. It looks cool and is ideal for any countdown design purposes.

10. Special Elite:

Best Number Fonts - special elite

This is a great handwritten style number font.  This font comes with support for tabular numbers. The design is ideal for driving nostalgia in a design project or listing down stuff like date of a past event. It is similar to Noiseless typewriter and Smith-Corona Special Elite Type Number NR6 models. This font can give a unique design element to your design, appeal to the audience’s reaction by making the numbers stand out and more.

11. Pompadour Numbers:

Pompadour Font

Pompadour was one of the most extravagant hairstyles of the 50s. It still holds a special place in fashion and hair care today with some modification and toning down of the style.  Pompadour Numbers work the same way. They are an amazing set of display numbers. Each number has a style of its own. It is sure to appeal to the audience. Since it is such an elaborative design font, make sure to use it in bigger sizes.  All the numbers can easily fit inside a box with this font. This is the reason they look great next to each other horizontally as well as vertically.  It is a font designed especially for number fonts and has no alphabetical characters. The font is free to use for personal use only.

12. Mrs Sheppards:

mrs. sheppards

This is a great number font that has a quick slick style. It is a part of Charles Bluemlein Script Collection. It looks like the lettering style of the 30s. The numbers look strong and bold. The font has numbers with thinner lines sometimes in the beginning, middle and end to resemble a handwritten font with not so perfect consistency. It is ideal for any artsy person.

13. Clement Numbers:

clement numbers

This is a great number font that has numeral characters as well as punctuation marks. This font is a unique number font style that is based on the 1838 Type Specimen Book by Fonderie Clement. It is one of the coolest number-specific typefaces today. This font is sure to impress many people and make your design stand out.

14. Sancreek:

Best Number Fonts- sancreek

Sancreek is a unique number font with a unique design style. Each number has a certain unique flower style in the curves and tails of each character. It makes the numbers look like art and have a certain style.  This font is best utilized in all caps and is best suited for posters, titles, prints and other western designs.

15.  Kumar One:


This font is known as one of a kind Google font that has exceptional style. The numbers have slim horizontal lines as well as wide vertical strokes. It has 45-degree angles at the corners, which gives the font an amazing look. The design is based on straight lines, faceted curves and has many other straightened elements.  It is decorative and fun to use.

16. Ewert:


Ewert is a fancy number font that makes use of ornamental legs for each number. It resembles the feel of classic furniture. All the characters are bold, big and also decorative. These are ideal for tattoo prints and carnival designs. The font looks good in small and large sizes both and on mobiles and desktops as well.

17. Old Standard TT:

old standard TT

Old Standard TT is another nostalgia-driven number font. It has specific types of modern sans serif and serif style typefaces. These typefaces were popular during the 19th and 20th century.  It is an ideal font to be used in scientific research papers, on topics like social and humanitarian sciences. This font is one of the best examples of Cyrillic and Greek letter type. Old Standard TT is a free Google font. It revives the most prominent style of the 20th century.

18. KR I’m This Many! Font:

KR Im This Many

This is another font by Kats Fun Font that has creative figures with face and hands-on each number. This is a very expressive number font that is ideal for children storybook or even math book. It can also be used for birthday countdowns and expressing numbers like age, year and other aspects.  The font is sure to stand out from the rest of the fonts and appeal to a younger audience.

19. Bullet Numbers:

bullet numbers

Bullet Numbers is a convenient number font for keeping any records that don’t surpass 100 classes. It is a perfect choice for creating bullet points. It adds style and character to the otherwise basic bullet points.  These numbers can also use for casinos or movie posters. You could very well create a 007 fan poster using this font. It would also look great on countdown timers for a cash reward.

20. Number 514:

number 514

This is a great serif font which brings the aesthetics of 90s Halloween back. It has triangular Latin serifs that have brightening elements.  This font is keen on making any design project look stunning. It is ideal for party posters and includes amazing decorative elements.

21. Didone Room:

Didone Room

This is a new and creative number font that has many creatively designed numbers. It also has worked very well on the currency symbols and punctuations. This font is inspired by hand-painted room numbers from a hotel in Austria. There are no alphabet characters present in this font.

22. Leaner Modern Typeface:

Best Number Fonts - Leaner

Leaner is one of the modern typeface number fonts that have an elegant design. This font has all uppercase letters and numbers. It is ideal for designing business and creative designs.  The characters are straight and have confident strokes.  It comes with three weights – thin, regular and bold.

23. Oregon Font:


This is a simple and clean vintage san serifs font. The characters have smooth edges that highlight vintage printing.  Oregon font is also ideal for making vintage logo designs, a small amount of textual content, headers and more. It has numbers, alphabets and symbols.

24. Parliament Font:

Best Number Fonts - Parliament Font

This is an elegant slab-serif font which comes in two variants- Regular and Outline. It is a versatile font for making any design projects from a restaurant menu to a wedding invitation or anything else. You can combine the outline and regular font with adding more depth and creativity to your design project.

25. Bold Price Font:

bold price

Bold Price is a number only font that has period and common currency symbols. The font in the regular weight looks like black shapes while bold versions look like woodcut engravings that look unique.  It is ideal for restaurant menus, lettering works and logos as well.

These were the 25 best Number Fonts for displaying numbers. Number fonts are equally crucial as alphabetical fonts in designing. They add value and aesthetical input to the overall design. It is more important for places where the prices and discounts need to appeal to customers and attract them to buy products or services. They are also helpful in creating presentable infographics that can be used on the websites, presentations and many such places. Number Fonts also have many design variations, and each design style suits different purposes. Make sure to understand your requirement and try a number font to enhance your project and impress your clients.

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