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By using animated SVG icons you can rapidly make your website lively and attractive. These icons are easy to insert in your projects and come from different categories: business, shopping, under construction, weather, medical, education, and more. Browse through all these SVG icons and find the ones that best fit your website.

All these icons are SVG animated, they are easy to customize and to adapt to your needs. They are vectors, you can scale them, change color, size, animations speed, and more. They are well organized in separate files which make it easy for you to identify each one and use them as you please.

Here is a compilation of excellent SVG icon sets that you can use to improve your website and attract more users. Take a look at these 20 awesome animated SVGs below. Enjoy!

Social Neon Icons – Animated SVG Icons

Social Neon Icons is a collection of 26 various types of animated SVG icons. These are excellent for any website which uses neon logos or neon brands. It can animate any icon and it is easy to customize: icon size, colors, and more features.


Animated SVG Business Strategy Icons

Animated SVG Business Strategy Icons is a great set of 10 animated icons. They are well organized in separate files which make it easy for you to identify each other.


Environment Animated SVG Icons

Environment Animated SVG Icons is a collection of 24 types of icons which are associated with the environment. They come in separate files and can really make your project come to life. Enjoy!


E-commerce SVG Animated Icons

E-commerce SVG Animated Icons is a great pack of 10 SVG animated icons. They are excellent for E-commerce, blogs, pages, sites, portals. They come with customizable features: colors, speed, direction,etc. to adapt them to your project.


SVG POP Watch – A Responsive Animated SVG Watch Engine

SVG POP Watch is an excellent collection of animated watch icons. You can customize each watch to make it fit your project.


Animated SVG Business Icon Set

Animated SVG Business Icon Set is a great collection of 60 icons that come with more than 20 animation variations to choose from. The icons are fully compatible with most of the browsers and have 100% customizable features: color, size, stroke, etc.


E-commerce Animated SVG Icon Set

E-commerce Animated SVG Icon Set is a collection of 34 SVG animated icons. The icons come in separated files which make them easy to identify.


Animated Coming Soon & Maintenance Pages

Animated Coming Soon And Maintenance Pages is a set of 5 distinct animated coming soon and maintenance pages. Take a look at all and choose the one you like the most for your website.


Animated SVG Loaders

Animated SVG Loaders is a pack of 18 animated SVG loaders for you to manage with AJAX calls. They are easily customizable: color, speed, size, and more.


Animated SVG Shopping Icon Set

Animated SVG Shopping Icon Set is a nice collection of animated icons. These are great for your websites and will make it really noticeable.


Education Animated SVG Icon Set

Education Animated SVG Icon Set is a collection of 16 distinctive types of lively icons. They are related to education and they are easy to combine with any of your projects.


Under Construction Animated SVG

Under Construction Animated SVG is a set of 10 icons related to under construction pages. These are vectors, so you can scale them as you please, and also, they come in separate files which make them easy to identify.


16 SVG Weather Icons – Animation Loops

This is a nice set of 16 beautiful weather icons that come in an SVG format. These vectors are created with JavaScripts and can bring your website more lively.


Medical – SVG Animated Icons

Medical SVG Animated Icons is a set of 26 various types of medical related icons. These can be successfully inserted in your projects, making them more lively.


Construction SVG Animated Icons

Construction SVG Animated Icons is a set of 20 distinctive types of icons. These are easy to customize, to resize and change colors. Each icon is in a separate file which makes it easy to identify.


Cute Animals and Birds SVG Animation

Cute Animals and Birds SVG Animation is a great set of 22 various animals and birds icons. This is an excellent collection that will definitely make your website stand out. Take a look!


Windmill Animation Pack

Windmill Animation Pack is a nice collection of 7 types of windmill SVG animations. These come in separate files, for you to easily identify and use the one that you need.


Animated SVG Clock

Animated SVG Clock is a great icon that can be easily introduced into your project.You can customize its appearance, color, size, or add a unique design.


Animated 3D Text Styles – SVG

Animated 3D Text Styles is an awesome set of 3d effects that  you can definitely add to your project. They vary from realistic to flat and isometric and they are also fully customizable: font, weight, size, and letter spacing.


16 Animated SEO Icons

This collection of 16 Animated SEO Icons is scaleable vectors that you can easily add to your website. Take a look at this collection and use the ones you that best fit your project.


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