10 Plugins to Help Spring Clean Your WordPress Blog

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Just like servicing a car, or giving your house a spring clean, WordPress really benefits from a good once-over every now and again to keep it running fast and efficiently. This post rounds up 10 useful plugins that will really help service and maintain your WordPress blog.

Updating the WordPress core, updating plugins and changing your password are all routine tasks that can be done without the help of a plugin, but if you want to go beyond the basic oil check you’ll need some specialist tools. The plugins featured in this post will help you check, scan and backup various behind-the-scenes aspects of WordPress to keep everything in check.

WP Maintenance Mode

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Whenever you plan to make changes to your WordPress theme or plugins it’s always worth taking down your blog to avoid any unwanted changes or errors going out to the public. The WP Maintenance Mode plugin allows you to easily let your visitors know your site is down while you’re busy working behind the scenes.

WP Security Scan

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Security is crucial for any type of WordPress install. The last thing you want is your blog being exploited or hacked. Repairing the damage and restoring lost content can be time consuming even with the latest backup file, so make sure your install has the right protection. The WP Security Scan plugin checks for vulnerabilities such as file permissions in your website.

WP-DB Manager

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Without regular database backups you’re running a huge risk of one day losing years worth of content from your website. A hacking of your website or even your host’s server can result in a loss of everything, sending you back to square one. Database management plugins such as WP-DB Manager not only allow you to set scheduled backups, but also allow you to service and maintain your database by repairing and optimizing tables.

XCloner Backup and Restore

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Regular database backups are crucially important, but don’t forget to also make complete files backups every now and again. WordPress core files, themes and plugins can be easily restored, but your uploaded files could be lost forever if your server is wiped. The XCloner plugin provides a useful interface to run a complete backup of both WordPress files and database, which can then be restored using the same plugin.


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No doubt you’ll already have Akismet up and running, but don’t forget to check for spam and clear out those flagged comments. The comments table in the database can be one of the largest, so flushing out those unwanted spam messages will help save time during those backups by creating smaller database files.

Revision Control

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Post revisions can really bloat a WordPress database, so limiting the number of revisions or clearing out old drafts is important to keep your database files lean. The Revision Control plugins gives you options to set global limits on post and page revisions, as well as buttons to delete old revisions on a per-post basis.

Broken Link Checker

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As the content on the web changes you can often find your old posts linking to pages that are no longer available. The Broken Link Checker is a handy plugin that simply checks for broken links and lets you know if any are found. What’s great about this plugin is not only does it check your posts and pages for dead links, but it also checks within comments and looks for missing images.

Clean Options

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When you install a plugin or theme it sometimes saves its options in your database. Well-developed plugins will clean up after themselves, but others leave behind orphaned options that do nothing but clog up your DB files. Clean Options is a handy plugin that checks and allows the removal of options that are no longer in use.

User Role Editor

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For multi-author blogs or sites that make use of the WordPress users functions it can be difficult to keep track of who has access to what. The User Role Editor builds on top of the default role options, allowing you to quickly tailor each role to your exact specification.


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If you run a network of your own sites, or manage WordPress installs on behalf of your clients performing these maintenance tasks on each blog can be very repetitive. The ManageWP plugin acts as a central hub where you can remotely manage your WordPress sites from one dashboard.

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  1. dd says:

    ManageWP is awesome! Thank you Chris for this great post!

  2. Designbyarm says:

    Awesome list Nice work again spooner :D

  3. Thanks for this list. The Manage WP is especially useful for us.

  4. Rednights says:

    Thanks for the list. Installed the revision plugin. The Clean Options wasn't as practical as I had hoped it to be.

  5. Marc says:

    Thanks for the links. On a related note, I'd love to know how you formatted those screenshots to look the way they do. Looks like there's a tiny bit of a bulge? I'll have to play around.

  6. Rilwis says:

    It's a big mistake if we miss the WP-Cleanfix plugin. I used some of the plugins below, but when I found WP-Cleanfix, I switched immediately. Very nice and worth to try.

  7. shorit says:

    i love this post ! Among ten my blog activated only 2 i guess i need to fill up some more interesting plug which i learn from here

  8. Tom says:

    Some cool plugins here. Some I didn't know about. Definitely a good idea to regularly check to make sure everything still works on the Blog. Especially for broken links.

  9. Menj says:

    very helpful article :) thanks for sharing Chris..

    I like the xclone plugin :)

  10. Stacy says:

    Thanks for the useful list. I already use several of these.

    I haven't been able to get XCloner to work the way I think it should. I like ManageWP, but it's a little expensive for where I am right now. Have you ever tried WPTwin? Any thoughts?

  11. halinu says:

    I love this post, very helpful info for newcomer like me.


  12. The list is so useful. Short and simple overviews of all useful pluggings out there.

  13. Paul says:

    Thanks for this Chris it's good time to for me to do some maintenance so this is really useful.


  14. Traci says:

    Wow -great list – thanks for the blog!

  15. Gareth says:

    Nice bit of advice.

  16. Best Blog Host says:

    I use WP-DB Manager. Wouldn't be without that one. I can schedule full or partial database backups and have them emailed to me. No messing around with logging into cPanel to do MyphpAdmin exports.

    Haven't tried Clean Options, but it looks like a good one. Right now I use WP-DB Manager to see what tables were left behind after I delete a plugin. lol

  17. Bhavik Shah says:

    ManageWp and User Editor are superb plugins..thanks for the info buddy..

  18. dready says:

    I foudn this so interesting i just made an article (in french) from it :
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    Thanks a lot for your priceless tricks!

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  20. Thanks for the revision plugin!

  21. لیکاک says:

    thnx this plugins are very useful

  22. smashinghub says:

    Broken Link Checker
    really helps me a lot of track my broken links

  23. Eric Heck says:

    Very informative. I have dabbled with WordPress, but never went very far with it. Now that I know about these plugins I may need to look into WP again. Thank you for taking the time to write this.

  24. Tech Guy says:

    Nic post and great blog. Ive used the majority of these tools/plugins but there are a couple I havent. Clean options and revision control seem helpful. Maybe Ill check them out

  25. Very nice post. We also work on customizing WordPress for our clients and these would certainly help us.

  26. Richard Borg says:

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  27. Wow! thank you for sharing great collection, my site should work a treat now.

  28. Alis says:

    Great post, thank you for sharing this collection of useful plugins!

  29. Justin says:

    Can somebody please explain to me what is the big deal about Akismet? I mean, I find that there are much easier way to prevent spam on your blog.

    • Alyssa says:

      I'd say the number of people that use it, so they can provide more support (seemingly). I personally use other methods, but this is why I could see other people using Askimet.

  30. Kiefer says:

    i like these, Thanks for the revision plugin!

  31. Thanks for the revision plugin. Such a inspirable and good post . I am able to get new knowledge while reading this .

  32. Alyssa says:

    Broken link checker has been one of the greatest finds!

  33. TOVO says:

    Chris- thanks for the list. Happy to say I've already got a few of these installed!

  34. Great post Chris

    We’ve noticed a huge increase in the number of client’s that are looking for WordPress specifically and so we have obviously had to compile our own list of maintenance tools.

    Revision Control is going on that list today, I’ll drop an email over if I ever find any others. Cheers

  35. oceanmedia says:

    I used Revision Control tool for my wordpress. Revision Control allows finer control over the Post Revision system included with WordPress. It controls how many revisions are stored for each post type.

  36. Jonathan says:

    Manage WP is still working well, but broken link checker often gives false positives. Almost always shows it is a broken link when linking to LinkedIn profiles. WP Smush and W3 total cache are good ones as well.

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