February 15, 2009 - (Updated October 01, 2022)

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Advertising Opportunities On Line25


Benefits of Advertising With Us

Thank you for your interest in advertising with us. We offer a few different advertising options, reaching tens of thousands of web designers and graphic designers. Additionally, we’re open to suggestions and ideas that will benefit our special audience.

Discounts are available and placing a combination of multiple advertising options is totally acceptable.

IMPORTANT – We have a stringent editorial policy and you should read our “Editorial Guidelines” before contacting us. We will not reply to anyone who does not agree with our Editorial Guidelines.

Discover 5 Advertising Opportunities Through:

  1. Sponsored Posts – Content Created By Our Team
  2. Sponsored Posts – Content Created By You
  3. Link Placements
  4. Affiliate Partnerships
  5. Sponsored Giveaways

Our Website Statistics:

Our blog is an authority in this space with an influence over thousands of subscribers and visitors internationally:

  • Domain Rating = 73
  • Annual Visitors = 900,000+
  • Email Subscribers = 17,500+
  • Twitter Followers = 24,800+

Wondering Who Publishes With Us?

There’s a reason reputable digital companies like yours choose to publish sponsored articles with us and here are just a few samples of the many advertisers who have published content on our two web and graphic design websites:

Sponsored Posts Examples:

Advertising Options

#1. Sponsored Post – Content Created By Our Team

(CCBWDD) – We will write a review, tutorial, or comparison of your product or service. All posts are SEO optimized by our team.

>> Choose Options 1A or 1B:

Option 1A – How It’s Promoted

  • 3000 Words
  • Your post will be viewed on the site.
  • Your post will be seen by all our email subscribers (17k+)
  • Your post will be seen by all our Twitter followers (24k+)

Price = $1,275

Option 1B – How It’s Promoted

  • 2000 Words
  • Published on the site ONLY

Price = $695

#2. Sponsored Post – Content Created By You

(CCBY) – With this option, You will write the article centered on your product or service. All posts are SEO optimized.

>> Choose Options 2A or 2B:

Option 2A – How It’s Promoted

  • 1200 Words Minimum Required
  • Your post will be viewed on the site.
  • Your post will be seen by all our email subscribers (17k+)
  • Your post will be seen by all our Twitter followers (24k+)

Price = $750

Option 2B – How It’s Promoted

  • 1200 Words Minimum Required
  • Published on the site ONLY

Price =$475

To place a link in one of our blog posts to your quality content page. Your link must meet our Editorial Guidelines below and the rel= “dofollow” will be considered and must be preapproved.

Choose Options 3A or 3B:

Option 3A – Anchor Text

  • (1) One Anchor Text (2 to 3 word phrase)
  • (1) One Embedded Link

Price =$150

Option 3B – To Be Included in Listed Content (listicle)

  • (1) One Image
  • (1) One Paragraph
  • (2) Two Embedded Links

Price =$275

#4. Sponsored Giveaway

This is a one-time post promoting your product or service as a giveaway placed on our site and sent to all our email and Twitter followers.

Price =$500

#5. Affiliate Partnerships

We work with many affiliate partners and would be happy to review your product or service for a long-term partnership. Please contact us.

Editorial Guidelines

Regarding Sponsored (paid) Posts:

Content MUST be informative and helpful to web designers, graphic designers, and web developers.

Please note that we take full ownership of the content you publish and can make necessary changes that do not adhere to our terms and that would negatively impact our site including, but not limited to, changing links, statements, images, and untrue or nonfactual statements. Please refer to our list below and our terms and conditions here.

We have very stringent editorial guidelines and unfortunately will not be able to work with everyone who contacts us. Every day we receive many requests for collaboration, however, we will only reply if we are comfortable with your ideas of collaboration and they meet the guidelines below.

IMPORTANT – First Steps To Advertising With Us:

Step #1 – You Must Agree To Our Terms & Editorial Guidelines via Email

Step #2 – Your Content Topic & Outbound Links MUST Be Approved First Before STEP #3


  1. As With All Advertising:  Results Are Not Guaranteed
  2. All Sponsored Posts & Links Are Permanent Lifetime Placements
  3. All Posts Are Reviewed & Scheduled in Advance (first come, first served)
  4. All Posts MUST Be Top Quality & Relate To Our Audience
  5. Content Must Be Original & Pass CopyScape For Non-Plagiarism
  6. 1,200 Words Min For All Sponsored Posts
  7. LINKS: All Links MUST Be Top Quality & Relevant To The Post Topic
  8. LINKS: You’re Allowed (2) Per Article and “DoFollow” is Allowed Upon Approval
  9. LINKS: Our Affiliate Links Will Be Included In All Sponsored Posts
  10. LINKS: Your Affiliate Links NOT Allowed, Only Links To Your Product or Service
  11. LINKS: We Will Add Extra Links (INTERNAL & EXTERNAL) For SEO Purposes
  12. LINKS: All Links Added To Improve Content Will Be Both “DoFollow & NoFollow”
  13. LINKS: All Links Must Be Top Quality, Domain Authority & Pre-Approved
  14. LINKS: All Links Must Pass A Site Security Check at and
  15. We Reserve The Right To Update, Add To, or Modify The Post For SEO Purposes Including Adding Relative Links, Images, Paragraphs, and Design Elements.
  16. PAYMENTS: Must Be Made First Before Publishing via PayPal Invoice
  17. PAYMENTS: International Addresses Are Subject To A 5% Currency Transaction Fee
  18. PAYMENTS: Monthly Subscriptions Are Paid Annually Through PayPal
  19. NO Violent, Immoral, Unethical, or Illegal Content Will Be Considered
  20. NO Social Justice Causes, Sexual Agendas, or Orientations Content Will Be Considered
  21. NO Religious or Political Persuasions Placed In Articles Will Be Considered
  22. NO Gambling, CBD, Crypto, Dating, Resume or Essay Writing Websites Considered
  23. We Will Not Promote or Endorse Any Content That Falls Outside These Guidelines
  24. All Sales Are Final & No Refunds After 45 Days of Publication.
  25. All Content Becomes The Property of & VUE, LLC
  26. We Reserve The Right to REMOVE “Link Placements” and “Sponsored Posts” If Your Outbound Links Have Changed And Negatively Impact Our SEO Ranking As Well As Provide No Value To Our Readers. If We Discover These Changes Within 45 Days Of Publishing, You Will Receive A Refund, Minus A 15% Fee. If We Discover These Changes After 45 Days, We May Remove The Post Or The Links, And No Refund Will Be Issued.



Please note:  A reply will only be sent to those who represent a legitimate business. Your full name, business name, and business address MUST be included with any correspondence.

Kind Regards,

(VUE) – Venture Upwards Enterprises, LLC

Note: This page may be occasionally updated without notification. Please check back often.

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