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Line25 presents articles, tutorials and inspiration based around the topic of web design. The majority of visitors are those with an interest in graphic and website design, often designers working in the industry or students studying the subject of design. They are generally users of Adobe Photoshop and web coding applications and are often bloggers themselves.
The large majority of viewers are from the USA, with the UK, Germany and Canada also making up large proportions of the overall statistics.

Advertising is a great way to gain exposure for your product or service to a targeted audience of web professionals.

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Banner ads are prominently displayed graphics that appear in various places on every page of the Line25 website. Prime placements include the header and above the article content. Alternatively, rent a prominent space in the sidebar, where ads are randomly rotated to give equal exposure. If you are looking for banner ads, please contact us directly.

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A dedicated blog post in the form of an advertorial combines the article content with a header image and an author bio. Every article is broadcast to over 23,000 RSS and Email Mailing List subscribers shortly after it is published, followed by periodic tweets throughout the week to 28,000 followers on the @line25blog Twitter account.

We have 2 options :

Option 1: Sponsored post + tweet: $750

Option 2: Sponsored post + tweet + dedicated email blast: $1200

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