Posts from February, 2017

20 Best WordPress Facebook Plugins and Widgets

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Facebook is the most popular social network today and connecting it to your website and business can make a huge difference. Facebook pages and social shares can have a huge impact on your sales. Also, within your website, you can add various widgets or shortcodes, buttons, etc. that link back to your Facebook page. Also, you can check comments or insert them into your website, all to make things easier.

20 Free Brick Wall Textures in High Resolution

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Whether you’re working on a graphic design project or a website, you’ll need high-quality textures at some point. Today, we focused on finding the best brick wall textures on the web. These are high-quality photographs that you can use as textures, backgrounds, wallpapers, and more.

20 Useful Android Apps Designers Should Download

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Nowadays, we use our phones for so much more than just calling and texting people. Depending on the performance of our smartphone, there are lots of useful applications that we can use to extend the device’s functionalities and ease our daily tasks. Many of the apps in our list will help you with your daily tasks when you are using your phone and will help with your productivity. All of the Android apps we’ve picked will be useful in one way or another.

20 Image Hover CSS Snippets: Designer Cheat List

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The trends are always changing and keeping your website up to date with the latest features is a never ending task. CSS formatting helps you rapidly customize your website, allowing you to instantly add certain features to multiple code lines. This is a real time-saver and it will improve your site’s performance.