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20 Best Green WordPress Themes (Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year)

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2017 is here and it’s time to keep up with the new web design trends this year has brought, making sure that your websites have fresh and modern designs. When it comes to colors, Pantone has decided this year’s color – greenery. This beautiful shade of green is inspired by nature, life and energy. Based on this wonderful color of the year, we decided to gather here some amazing, green WordPress themes to inspire you.

40 Free eCommerce Icons Bundles

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Icons are any website’s or app’s must-have graphic items. They help users navigate through the UI and due to their symbolism they can be assigned to a specific function, for instance, call, message, or email buttons, without even having to add explanatory texts next to them.

14 Amazing WordPress Themes to Use in 2017

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Unless you’ve worked with WordPress themes before, it can be difficult to be confident you’re making a good choice. There are so many to pick from, that trying to find the best of the bunch can be overwhelming.

Here’s a two-step process that will lead you to a choice you’ll be more than pleased with; as will your clients:

  • Look for features that you can’t do without.
  • Starting with a list of best 2017 WordPress themes; then, drill down to the one(s) you want.

40 Free Stock Photos of Work Environments

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High-quality, free stock photos are hard to come by, but we made it easier for you! We decided to gather here 40 free stock photos of work environments. We know that these versatile images ca come in handy when working on a website, app or just about any kind of project.

Here you have 40 free stock photos of work environments that you can download right away and use in your projects. These are professional-looking images that you can use for free, with no attribution required.