Posts from October, 2016

40 Best HTML Admin Website Templates

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HTML admin website templates can be used to easily edit and manage content on sites. There are a lot of pre-designed templates that you can fully modify, but this can be a time-consuming task to design them from scratch. It’s a lot easier to buy a pre-made template and to fully customize it.

20 Awesome Free Chalkboard Fonts

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If you are into experimenting with new typefaces in your graphic design projects, then you’ll surely like this list of 20 awesome and free chalkboard fonts. These free chalkboard font will let you discover lots of other design possibilities and possibly spark some creative ideas into your mind.

20 Free Pure CSS Icon Sets

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Nowadays, using img tags to display icons on a site is a terrible web design technique. All designers and web developers have started to use pure CSS icon sets instead, which assures them that the icons will display consistently all over the website.