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40 Festive Brochure Templates

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Here is a nice collection of 40 festive brochure templates that you can use for the holiday season. Download and use all of these beautifully designed items and use them to promote various holiday events such as Christmas plays, musicals, pageants, banquets, and more.

Color Theory 101: The Basics

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From the first known color used in art, red ochre, found in prehistoric cave paintings, to the gambit of paints available at your local craft store, color has always had its place in the world of art and design. In design, we use color to add emphasis, evoke emotion, and communicate meaning.

The subject of color is very broad and there are actually many theories about how color works and its application.  But in the world of art and design, there is a generally accepted idea of basic color theory. If you’re interested in design or other visual arts, you need to know these basics. Understanding the color wheel, using black and white with color, and color schemes, you can greatly enhance your ability to create meaningful and aesthetically pleasing works.

40 Christmas After Effects Templates

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Take a look at this excellent collection of 40 Christmas After Effects templates that you can use to create festive corporate presentations, animated Christmas cards and more. There are multiple ways you can use these great elements: for websites, newsletters, as Christmas greeting cards, or simply customize and send them to friends or family. These items will definitely make your project stand out. 

20 Free Shopping Bag Mockups

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Take a look at this excellent bundle of 20 free shopping bag mockups that you can download and use for free. These mockups were created by experienced designers and will definitely make your packaging design project look professional. You can use these pre-designed templates to save time, and not start creating a new layout from scratch. These bag mockups can be used to showcase your project to clients and see exactly how it will look in the final printed form.