Posts from June, 2014

30 Web Designs that Fully Embrace the Hero Image

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The Hero image trend in the web design industry has developed so much over the past few years that the vast majority of new designs feature some kind of large introductory photograph. These huge background images have been dubbed hero images, a term that has been adopted from the print industry where page filling images are commonly seen in magazines. Hero images prominently fill the screen to wow the user, often only accompanied by a heading or a sentence and a single call to action such as a sign up form or button links. Today’s roundup showcases 30 sites that fully embrace the hero image, granting the maximum amount of space possible to this design feature and shifting all other content thousands of pixels down the page.

25 Examples of the “Mountains” Trend in Web Design

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I’ve showcased the trend of landscape images in web design before, but has anyone noticed how popular mountainscape images seem to be? Unless the site is based on the topic of rock climbing or a brochure for an area of natural beauty the use of a mountain photograph seems quite unusual, but it’s actually quite common. Today’s web design trend showcase features 25 web designs that all include impressive imagery of mountain scenes.

Inspirational Showcase of UI/UX Design Presentations

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Taking the time to present your work to clients or to simply display the project in your portfolio can drastically increase its value and really show off the hard work and expertise you’ve put into it. Today’s post showcases a bunch of designers who have produced some wonderful presentations for their UI/UX projects. These inspirational case studies give you a detailed insight into the project development and give a walkthrough on how the app works. Be sure to click through each one to see the full picture!

Web Design Trend Showcase: “Tools of the Trade”

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Every so often strange trends appear in the web design industry. One of those little trends is the presentation of “tools of the trade” on the forefront of the website, where a series of objects that relate to a specific industry are neatly laid out on a tabletop, or a product is shown during its production. Today’s showcase rounds up the best examples of websites that show off the tools of their craft, from the sawdust covered hand tools of woodworkers to the notepads and coffee cups of freelance designers.