Posts from May, 2014

Modern Examples of the Classic Sidebar Menu Layout

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The sidebar menu seems to be coming back into fashion once again after it was left behind for horizontal navigation bars. The sidebar menu was most common back in the early days of web design, but these days we’re starting to see designers ditch the horizontal nav bar in favour of the vertical list once again. Nowadays though these menus are built with large icons or clever animation effects that allow them to slide in and out of view. Today’s web design showcase features 20 sites that all feature modern examples of the classic sidebar menu layout.

25 Web Designs Built With Unusual Shapes & Angles

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Websites are naturally made up of a series of square blocks due to the way they’re coded with HTML. This results in the typical boxy designs we’ve all come to expect on the web, but some designers are breaking free from the limitations of horizontal and vertical lines to experiment with other layouts. Today’s web design showcase features 25 cool sites that think outside the box with unusual shapes and angles.