Posts from April, 2014

40 Twitter Profiles Using the New Layout Design

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Some time ago, Twitter gave us an insight into the latest redesign of Twitter profiles on the the official Twitter blog. New features include super large header images; the ability to pin a tweet to the top of your timeline; and tweets with the most engagement being highlighted with a larger appearance. Currently the new profile is only being rolled out to a hand full of users, but here’s a showcase of profiles from some of those early adopters to give you an idea of what’s in store and how you can use these new features yourself.

20 Minimal Web Designs That Don’t Rely on Images

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We usually see websites these days with bright loud photography spanning the full page, but some minimalists can still create great looking designs without any images at all. Today’s showcase presents over 20 designs that don’t rely on pretty pictures, these sites feature no photographic headers or background images, instead you’ll find clear typography and perfect grid based layouts.

20 Tasty Website Designs from the Food Industry

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It’s always interesting to browse different styles of website designs from other industries. We’ve seen large images used in web design before, but the food industry in particular really whets your appetite with enticing photos of delicious meals. These images clearly introduce the nature of the site and make an immediate connection to the hungry viewer. Check out this showcase of 20 website designs for restaurants and services in the food industry. Now, who’s hungry?!