Posts from September, 2013

The Rising Trend of Bright Flat Colors in Web Design

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We’ve seen the use of solid colors increase through the adoption of the flat design trend, but these hues are becoming increasingly vibrant following the release of iOS7 and the colorful iPhone 5C. Dazzling RGB colors are becoming more popular in the latest website designs, with saturation levels at an all-time high. This post rounds up a collection of over 20 great examples of the growing trend of supersaturated background colors in web design.

How To Create Flat Style Breadcrumb Links with CSS

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With all the progressions of CSS and CSS3 over recent years we’ve reached a point where many of the old coding techniques that involved background images can now be created entirely with CSS. In this tutorial we’ll look at creating a series of breadcrumb navigation links in a flat design style without the need for the previously popular “sliding doors background image” method.

Showcase of Fresh iPhone App UI Concept Designs

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There’s so many great looking apps in the works it’s difficult to keep track of the amazing concepts designers are constructing. This post showcases over 30 inspiring iPhone app designs from the past few weeks, all of which boast great interface designs for interesting apps currently in the works. There’s a few similarities that could be an indication to what the next big trend will be.