Posts from July, 2013

Inspiring Web Design Concepts Currently In The Works

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Web design galleries are great places to find inspiration and gain an insight into the next big trend, but you’ll often find that the same sites are featured time and time again. Browsing sites such as Dribbble where designers share their current works in progress is a great way to find some hidden gems before they hit the mainstream. As we all know live projects can often veer off in a different direction when the client gets their say, so it’s great to appreciate some untouched designs presented exactly how the designer originally envisioned. This post rounds up over 30 brilliant full page web design concepts that aren’t yet live on the web.

Web Design Trend Showcase: Big Video Headers

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Following on from my recent showcase of websites featuring full screen videos, today’s post looks at the sub-trend of big video headers in web design. HTML5 and jQuery make it easy to add dynamic video content to your site without bogging down the browser with Flash. This means designers can start to play with video as part of a website design as well as its content. This post showcases some great examples of video background headers, followed by some links to help you create the effect yourself.

The Best Shopping Cart Plugins to Sell With WordPress

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WordPress has always been versatile enough to be used as an ecommerce solution but now there’s more shopping cart plugins than ever it’s even a viable alternative to the many eCommerce CMS tools such as Shopify or Magento. Adding cart functionality to your WordPress install makes it easy to build simple online stores with the familiarity of the WordPress template system. Let’s take a look at the best shopping cart plugins available, with some examples of how they’re currently being put to use on live sites.

Web Design Showcase: Heavy Background Textures

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While the flat design trend is getting more and more popular not everyone is constructing their website designs with solid pastel colours. Textures are great for giving your designs a realistic tactile feeling and range from the use of subtle noise to full on material scans. This post showcases those sites that take texture use to the max and use heavy wood, leather and concrete style textures to add impact to their designs.

25 Designers Show How iOS7 Should Have Looked

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Many of us were a little disappointed in the reveal of the new iOS7 user interface. The garish colour palette, the plain ugly icons and the questionable design decisions have resulted in designers expressing their frustration and sharing their own interpretations of the iOS interface via social websites such as Dribbble and Behance. This post rounds up a collection of 25 iOS7 resdesigns that offer some great ideas and alternatives to Apple’s initial concept.