Posts from April, 2013

30 Web Designs Featuring Beautiful Scenes of Nature

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To really promote your product, service or cause you’ve got to design for emotion and make a connection with your viewers. There’s no better way to tap into the dreams of visitors than presenting them with awe-inspiring scenes of the great outdoors. This post showcases 30 sites that use beautiful scenes of nature to construct a serene atmosphere and whisk their viewers away on an adventure in their imagination.

Showcase of Beautiful iPhone App UI Concept Designs

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To find some truly inspiring iPhone app interfaces you have to move away from all the commercially popular titles in the app store and instead take a look at some of the UI concepts designers are creating either for small projects or just for fun. This post showcases 40 beautiful iPhone app interface concepts, all of which are cleanly designed and offer some great creative inspiration for your own projects.

How To Create a Trendy Flat Style Nav Menu in CSS

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I’ve heard from a bunch of people who found my CSS drop down menu tutorial really useful, so today’s we’re going to build another menu with some fancy hover effects. With the Flat design trend being so popular we’ll use adopt this style for today’s menu by using bright solid colours and clean icons. We’ll be using various must-know CSS techniques so this is a great tutorial for any web designers learning the basics.

20 Free Web Icon & Glyph Packs for Your UI Designs

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Constructing icons is one of the most time consuming tasks when working on a web or interface design, but thankfully there’s loads of fantastic ready made icon packs being shared for free by generous designers. This post rounds up over 20 free web icon and glyph packs all featuring a range of monochrome symbols to represent various actions and objects.