Posts from January, 2013

10 jQuery Plugins to Enhance Your Web Typography

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Web typography has come a long way thanks to the various custom font solutions like @font-face and Google Fonts, but we’re still lacking the precise control that we have over type in our design and desktop publishing apps. Thankfully there’s a range of jQuery plugins that give us some super useful features and allow us to manipulate our web text like never before. This post rounds up 10 of the most popular web typography plugins that allow you to fine tune your type as well as create some cool effects.

25 Web Designs With Clever Fixed Header Effects

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Web Designers are continuously managing to come up with cool effects from the basic CSS properties available to us. This post showcases some clever uses of CSS to create interested header effects. Some simply fix the header in place at the top of the screen, others collapse the header as the user scrolls and a few exhibit some super cool animated effects that rearrange the header content. Check out each one and give your mouse a stroke to see each effect come to life.

Handy Tips For Creating a Cool Twitter Profile Design

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Twitter profiles have gone through some big changes over the years, with the latest layouts offering a fair few customisation options. In this post we’ll take a look at some of the options that are available to us and see what kind of clever tricks people are using to create really cool profile designs.

Showcase of Super Clean Minimalist Web Designs

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We’ve all heard the saying “less is more”. Sometimes stripping away all the gimmicks and fancy elements from our layouts and focusing on the core design principles can result in a much more aesthetically pleasing web design. This post showcases some of the best examples of super clean websites built with a minimalist approach.