Posts from September, 2012

Create a Custom WordPress Login Without Plugins

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WordPress Logins are probably one of the least touched–upon subjects as far as WordPress theme design is concerned, but it can really help create a unique look and feel for a client’s website, or even your own! Here’s how to easily make a login of your own without the need of a plugin.

30 WordPress Portfolio Themes to Promote Your Work

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Need to get a portfolio online to showcase your work? Not too hot with all that complicated website design code? A ready-made WordPress portfolio theme is just what you need! The WordPress application is a breeze to install and maintain, and with this collection of 30 portfolio themes you’re spoiled for choice on design. All the themes featured here are top quality and are tailored specifically for designers, photographers and creative businesses.

Showcase of 40 Insanely Detailed iOS Icon Designs

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iOS icons have come a long way since the birth of the iPhone. Not only are they now shared between iPhone and iPad, with the introduction of retina displays the resolution of the these icons is so high it allows the designer to incorporate some unbelievable detail. This post showcases some of the most detailed iOS icons on the web, with some even crossing into the realm of hyperrealism.