Posts from June, 2012

Which Custom Fonts are Top Web Designers Using?

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Since we were granted the ability to make font choices beyond Helvetica and Georgia thanks to the @font-face rule and the various webfonts services we’ve seen an explosion of custom webfonts in website designs. Nowadays we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to web typography, but which fonts and custom webfont services are the top web designers using? Let’s take a look behind a collection of well crafted typographic designs and see which fonts and techniques are the most popular.

Handy Tutorials & Tools for Embedding HTML5 Video

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One of the most exciting features of HTML5 is the ability to embed audio and video files without the need of the Flash plugin. Browser support is still a little iffy but there’s enough documentation and workarounds available to get your multimedia content up and running to your entire audience. This post rounds up a range of useful articles, tutorials and resources that will help you embed video content on your website using pure HTML.

30 Inspiring Examples of Retro Style Website Designs

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The retro theme has exploded in recent years with nostalgic styles becoming popular in fashion, photo and video. In the web design industry the emergence of the retro or vintage trend has kind of evolved from the “grunge theme”, with designs taking inspiration from a particular era in history. This post showcases 30 website designs that perfectly execute the retro style, with aged textures, muted colours and impactful typography.

How To Create a Featured Post Layout in WordPress

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Earlier this week I launched a redesign of my personal blog over at The new design showcases a featured post in the header, before listing out the rest of the archives in a standard layout. It took a fair bit of customising to get everything working as I wanted, so I thought I’d share the process to hopefully help others out. Follow this overview post to see how a mix of query posts snippets were used to create a custom featured post layout in WordPress.