Posts from May, 2012

How To Create a Cool Blog Post Date Icon with CSS

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In a recent redesign of my own personal blog I decided to use a calendar style icon to display the post date . It’s one of those elements that would once have been created with background images, but now thanks to the wealth of CSS3 features it can be created entirely in CSS3. We’ll be using properties such as linear-gradients, border radius and box shadow to replicate the icon’s original Photoshop design.

20 Creative Examples of Intro Videos in Web Design

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Remember when websites used to feature Flash intro videos as part of a splash page? These days video use in Web Design is much more creative (and UX friendly!) with many sites using video to provide an introduction or a tour of their product or service. This post rounds up 20 great examples of video intro use in modern web design, with these designs using video as embedded objects or as lightbox style popups with the help of Javascript.

Showcase of Artistic Hand Lettering in Web Design

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With websites being built from digital code it’s difficult to imagine them being crafted by hand, but this post showcases a bunch of websites that feature custom hand lettering in traditional mediums. In place of fonts these websites boast hand crafted typography to add a real artistic touch to the design.

Handy Roundup of CSS3 Generators and Tools

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With the latest advances in CSS3 many of the effects that were once only achievable in Photoshop can now be replicated in CSS code, but it’s sometimes difficult to visualise the appearance of these effects when staring at a few lines of syntax. This is where CSS generators come in handy, this roundup of tools makes it easy to create the exact CSS effects you need with the help of graphical interfaces.