Posts from March, 2012

Showcase of Interactive Websites Powered by jQuery

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Whenever we think of interactive websites Flash immediately springs to mind, but nowadays we’re seeing websites featuring all that cool interactivity and animation that are based purely on HTML and CSS. This post rounds up some of the coolest websites powered by Javascript (particularly the jQuery framework) that all offer a rich browsing experience.

20 Examples of Landscape Themed Web Designs

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Despite being confined to the Internet some website designs reflect the awe and freedom of the vast outdoors through their design. This post showcases 20 awe-inspiring websites based on a landscape theme, each one featuring a beautiful landscape image in the form of a large photograph or a hand drawn illustration.

Create a Responsive Web Design with Media Queries

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If you’ve yet to get your hands dirty with media queries, now is your chance to create your first responsive website design. In this tutorial we’ll look at converting one of my previous WordPress theme designs into a responsive layout, while taking into consideration the design’s original grid structure.

20 Free Sans-Serif Fonts Licensed for @Font-Face

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Remember back when @font-face and Google Fonts were first introduced? We only had the choice of a handful of custom fonts we could use. Nowadays it’s quite the opposite, we’re spoilt for choice with hundreds of cool fonts licensed for free @font-face embedding. This post rounds up a collection of 20 stylish sans-serif fonts, all of which can be downloaded and used freely to spice up your website design’s typography.