Posts from February, 2012

Showcase of Solid Color Backgrounds in Web Design

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We often assume the more detail we put into our website designs the better they will be, but great design doesn’t always have to include all the bells and whistles. This post showcases a variety of sites that are based on solid colour backgrounds. You won’t see a gradient, texture or pattern but all these sites boast great design.

15 Tutorials To Help You Build WordPress Themes

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WordPress is one of the most popular applications in the web design community not only for its ease of use as a blogging platform, but for its versatility in any kind of content managed website. Building custom themes for WordPress is pretty straight forward, making it one of the easiest templating systems to master. This post rounds up 15 of the best WordPress theme tutorials, each taking you through the process of building your own WP theme from scratch.

How To Build a Handwritten Letter Style Contact Form

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Follow this step by step tutorial to create a traditional pen & paper inspired contact form in HTML and CSS. We’ll use a mix of basic and intermediate CSS techinques to give the form the appearance of a letter, then use the @font-face CSS property to transform the digital text into handwriting.

30 Free UI Kits Featuring Detailed Web Elements

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When working under time constraints or on a tight budget crafting every single UI element by hand in Photoshop just isn’t economical. Thankfully there’s a range of ready-made web elements available in UI kits that can be quickly copied over to your own website or web app design projects. This post rounds up a collection of 30 detailed user interface Photoshop kits that can all be downloaded absolutely free!