Posts from November, 2011

25 Free Handwriting Fonts for your Designer Toolbox

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People always ask what font I use to create my annotated code examples in my web design tutorials here on Line25, so I figured a roundup of the best hand drawn fonts would prove quite handy. This post rounds up a range of free fonts based on various handwriting styles. If you’re in need of a font to add a human touch to your design in the form of a note or a personal message, you can be sure you’ll find the perfect font in this collection.

Which Custom Web Fonts Solution Should You Use?

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Over the past few years the number of fonts available for use in web design has dramatically increased. It wasn’t long ago that we all knew not to stray further than the basic Arial, Helvetica, Times, Georgia mix, but now there’s a range of services that allow the use of almost any font imaginable in your website design. This post rounds up the various custom web font solutions and looks at the pros and cons of each.

Showcase of Websites With a Vintage Design Theme

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Designers are always taking inspiration from the past and are even using styles from 100’s of years ago to give their designs a vintage themed appearance. This posts rounds up a collection of the best websites based on the vintage design style, with elegant typography, detailed linework illustrations and aged textures all helping achieve that antique effect.