Posts from June, 2011

Showcase of Impressive Design Process Explanations

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A common feature amongst the top design portfolio and agency websites is a visually presented explanation of their design process. This simple idea of describing how a potential client’s project will be handled from start to finish is a great way of securing projects and giving the customer an insight into what their working relationship with the designer(s) will be like. This showcase rounds up a bunch of impressive examples of how various designers have explained their design process with the aid of clever graphical elements.

10 HTML Entity Crimes You Really Shouldn’t Commit

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It has been over a couple of years since I posted my HTML tag and usability crimes posts, both of which are amongst the most popular articles here on Line25. There’s something about this title people just can’t resist! Let’s take a look at ten crimes you may be committing in your HTML content. These won’t exactly land you a life sentence, but I bet almost every one of us will be guilty of at least one of these petty crimes.

How Do You Stay Fit and Healthy as a Designer?

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Being a designer isn’t the most active job in these modern days of the Internet. We tend to spend hours on end sat staring at a computer screen, our most strenuous movement often being a trip to the coffee machine. So how do designers look after their bodies and aim to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle? I asked a bunch of designers and developers to share some insight into their own fitness regimes, goals and habits.

Showcase of Outstanding Conference Web Designs

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There seems to be polar opposites in the style of website designs for web conferences. Some are bland and boring, while others really stand out with eye catching designs and easily digestible information. This showcase rounds up over 20 of the most outstanding website designs for web related conferences from 2010-2011.