Posts from September, 2010

Basic Beginners’ Guide to Installing a jQuery Lightbox

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Have you always wanted to add those cool Javascript lightbox galleries to your website, but haven’t the first clue about how to do so? This guide is aimed at the Javascript coding noob and will take you through the step by step process of linking up the jQuery library, installing the lightbox script and getting everything working.

How To Create a Detailed Briefcase Icon in Photoshop

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Follow this step by step guide to create a detailed briefcase icon in Photoshop. We’ll build the rough outline with basic shapes, then add depth and definition with various Photoshop layer styles such as Inner Glow and Stroke. To really bring the icon to life we’ll use real photographic textures to give a tactile leather feel to the icon.

If Design Blogs Were Vehicles, What Would They Be?

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If design blogs were to be transformed into motor vehicles (Transformers style!), what would they be? Now’s your chance to find out! Here’s a roundup of your favourite design blogs along their mechanical counterparts, each comparison has been scientifically matched on general theme, style, persona and character – Which one do you think is the best fit?

WordPress Fat-Loss Diet to Speed Up & Ease Load

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Last week we looked at some useful plugins to enhance and protect WordPress, following on with the WordPress topic let’s look at how you can tweak your WordPress install to increase the speed of your site and ease the load on your web servers. We’ll be putting the front end code on a strict diet, while trimming the fat from the database to produce a fast, lean website that doesn’t clog up your server’s resources.