Posts from April, 2010

Learning jQuery – Tutorial Roundup for Beginners

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jQuery is one of the most popular Javascript libraries, used by designers and developers to enhance a website design beyond the confines of CSS and to easily create complex Javascript effects with just a few lines of code. If you’re confident with your CSS, you’re ready to move onto the basics of jQuery to extend your skills toolbox. Here’s a roundup of the 10 best tutorials and series of articles online, that will be your very best resources for getting to grips with the awesome jQuery library.

Build a Simple Image Slideshow with jQuery Cycle

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Image slideshows are a popular method of displaying numerous sequential photographs in web design. By making use of the handy Cycle plugin for jQuery, we can easily create a slideshow of our own, complete with previous and next navigation controls. Not a master of Javascript? Don’t worry, the Cycle plugin makes it a breeze to add slideshow functionality to your site, with only a few lines of code required to get things up and running.

How To Build Your Own WordPress Theme

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You don’t need to be a PHP whizz to be able to put together your very own custom WordPress theme. If you’re clued up with your general web design and development skills and can easily put together a HTML/CSS based website, you’re ready to move onto WordPress theme development to give your blog its very own design.

Coding Up a Web Design Concept into HTML & CSS

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I’ve recently been working on a design concept for a WordPress theme as part of a personal project. In this walkthrough we’ll go through the process of converting the design concept from PSD document right through to completed HTML and CSS mockup, complete with clean and valid code, a few touches of CSS3 and some quick fixes to help out old IE6.