Posts from January, 2010

An Interview with Designer & Blogger Jon Phillips

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Jon Phillips is a freelance web designer and is a well known figure in the online community as the guy behind top design related sites Spyre Studios, Freelance Folder and Design Newz. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jon on a couple of his personal and client related projects in the past, so I invited him to chat about his background, share some of his experiences of running multiple blogs and give some insights into his upcoming projects.

35 Creative Examples of Doodles in Web Design

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The everyday doodle is often left hiding away in a designer’s sketchbook, never being fufilled in life as a complete design, but every now and again doodles get their chance of being part of the big picture. In web design, designers often strive to inject creativity into their interfaces and layouts. The good old pencil can be a highly useful tool that can easily add personality to a design, giving that feel of originality that you just don’t get with crisp, smooth digital effects. This showcase of creative doodles in web design provides a wealth of inspiration and shows how hand-drawn elements can add add that tactile and low-fi feel to a website design.

Create a Gnarly Snowboarding Themed Web Design

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Get your Photoshop shred on and follow this step by step overview of building a snowboarding themed website layout. The design we’ll be creating takes inspiration from the typical style of the snowboarding culture, with grungy textures and distressed brush marks adding detail to the design. We’ll start by producing a core grid to base the design elements on, then use a mix of photography and Photoshop manipulation to create a concept web design for a fictional brand named ‘Snow Candy’.

How to Create a Cool Anaglyphic Text Effect with CSS

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Anaglyphs are those amazing 3D images that are created by offsetting two of the red, green and blue channels, and are viewed with those nerdy looking 3D glasses with different coloured lenses. I don’t know if this effect works for real, as I’ve unfortunately misplaced my 3D specs, but it’s a pretty cool text effect nevertheless! Let’s take a look at how a similar style can be created for sprucing up your web designs, while taking into consideration semantics and avoiding the repetition of any markup.