Posts from December, 2009

A Look Back at My Favourite Posts & Tuts of 2009

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With 2009 coming to an end I decided to create some kind of roundup of my posts and tutorials for this year. This collection isn’t statistically the top content on my blogs, but more so the articles I enjoyed writing, and those that offered me a kind of creative outlet to experiment in new areas.

An Interview with Interface Designer Sam Brown

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Sam Brown is a freelance Interface Designer from Scotland, who under the business name of Massive Blue creates a range of high quality websites, combining detailed design and top class code. Sam is also the guy behind such sites as Posh CSS, and the upcoming Remindness. I invited Sam to chat about his design life and offer some advice to new-comer designers.

30 Web Design Blogs With Consistently Good Content

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There’s a growing number of design blogs scattered around the web, each focusing on various aspects of design. This collection of 30 design blogs all have a primary focus on Web Design, and each one consistently pumps out great content, whether it’s in the form of inspiration, discussion, theory or tutorials. If you’re looking for some scrumtious goodies to feed your creative inner geek, look no further than this feast!

How To Display Your Twitter Status in a Unique Design

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There are stacks of plugins out there that allow you to display your latest tweets on your website or blog. However sometimes, all you want is to quickly and simply display your latest Twitter updates, without wrestling with preset styling, or lengthly settings. Let’s take a look at using Twitter’s good old Javascript approach to pulling out your latest update, and displaying it with a mix of CSS styling.