Posts from November, 2009

10 Usability Crimes You Really Shouldn’t Commit

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Over time certain conventions and best practices have been developed to help improve the general usability of websites during their design and build. This roundup of ten usability crimes highlights some of the most common mistakes or overlooked areas in web design and provides an alternative solution to help enhance the usability of your website.

15 Useful Resources to Get Clued Up on HTML5

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HTML5 this, HTML5 that! There’s been plenty of HTML5 talk around the blogging world recently. It’s no longer a tiny spec on the horizon, it’s due to arrive soon! Some have already embraced it and are using it on their latest sites. Want to join in on all the fun? Check out this collection of some of the best resources from various blogs and websites in the industry. Each one gives an interesting insight into what’s in store with detailed write-ups, tutorials and handy cheat sheets to help you along your way.

How to Create an Author Info Section in WordPress

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It’s common to find an author’s credit and bio at the end of a blog post, especially on blogs that post content from multiple writers. Using a cocktail of WordPress template tags, an info section can be easily put together to showcase the author’s Gravatar profile image, their name, link to their website and short bio.

Horizontally Scrolling Websites Showcase & Tutorials

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Love them or hate them, horizontally scrolling websites are scattered around the net, and there’s some fantastic examples. Unlike the traditional layout of a website that scrolls up and down, horizontal websites flip things around and scroll from left to right. Sometimes they’re enhanced with Javascript to offer an even richer user experience, such as auto-scrolling effects. Check out this collection of 30 inspiring examples, and follow on to a hand full of brilliant tutorials that give an insight into the theory and practice of creating a horizontal site of your own.

Selling Ad Space: Tips from Top Design Blog Owners

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The sale of ads is one of the primary sources of revenue for blogs, allowing the owners to continually pump out great content by covering the time required to maintain their websites. It also gives a platform for companies to promote their products and services to specific niches, delivering great results. In this post the owners of some of the top design blogs share their experiences of selling ad space, give advice on the tools they use and share an insight into their best performing ads. Todd Garland from the awesome BuySellAds marketplace also offers his advice to anyone looking to buy ads to generate exposure or sales, helping you achieve the best return on investment.