Posts from October, 2009

Create Sidebars of Equal Height with Faux Columns

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CSS can sometimes be a tricky business. There are times when even the simplest of layouts take some serious brainstorming! One of those frustrating times is when you want to create a series of columns of equal height, but the content in one column might be longer than the next. Here’s where the Faux Column technique steps in, let’s take a look at how this solution can make even the most complicated layout a breeze to code up.

Tips for Designing an Awesome Coming Soon Page

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Unlike the traditional under construction pages from the early days of the web, coming soon pages can nowadays prove to be handy tools when launching a new website. Forget yellow hard hats and flashing signs, let’s take a look at what benefits can be seen from some of the best launching soon pages.

An Interview with Graphic Designer Fabio Sasso

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Fabio Sasso is the talented Brazilian Graphic/Web Designer behind design blog, and one of the creative minds behind design studio, Zee. Fabio is well known for his amazing tutorials and articles, that often showcase amazing Photoshop effects and explain various techniques for creating vibrant designs. I caught up with Fabio to ask him a few questions…