Posts from July, 2009

15 Essential WordPress Plugins for Aspiring Designers

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If you want to show off your web design credentials to the world, then WordPress is the perfect blogging platform to use: it’s simple, accessible and highly customizable. Nevertheless, you’re not going to be able to create a professional standard WordPress blog with great work and creativity alone, you’re also going to need some rather nifty plugins.

An Interview with Designer/Developer Jacob Gube

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Jacob Gube is the popular figure behind web design blog Six Revisions and has a wealth of design and developments skills. I caught up with Jacob to discover a little more about his background and to gather his thoughts and opinions on a range of topics, including accessibility vs aesthetics & the future of web design.

Win a Premium ‘Left Handed’ Theme from Obox

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For years the guys from Obox Design have always wanted to create beautiful website templates which are dynamic and customizable. Over the last 30 days they put these thoughts into motion. With a lot of stress, coffee and lack of sleep they are now ready to launch the Obox Signature Series, a collection of Premium WordPress themes.

Rounding Up the Top 10 jQuery Lightbox Scripts

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Everyone loves lightbox javascript effects, since the original Lightbox script there has been countless clones generated for all the popular Javascript libraries. This collection rounds up the top ten Lightbox scripts for jQuery in particular, so remember to keep it bookmarked for your next design project!