Posts from April, 2009

Web Design Trend Showcase: Letterpress Text Effect

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The trend that has become commonly known as ‘the letterpress effect’ has managed to make its way into a range of website designs. The effect itself is often added to text headers and buttons, giving an inset or debossed appearance. Take a look at this roundup of great examples of this trend, and follow on to a mini tutorial outlining how to create this effect in your own designs.

An Interview With Designer and Blogger Steven Snell

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Steven Snell is a web designer and blogger widely known across the design community from his blogs at Vandelay Design, and Traffikd as well as his range of quality articles published on some high profiles design blogs. I invited Steven to discuss some of his ideas and techniques behind his blogging, and to find out more about his daily lifestyle.

Web Design Trend Showcase: Horizontal Bands

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The use of horizontal bands in website design has been a growing trend over the last few years with results of a fantastic looking website layout. Not only does the use of these horizontal strips provide specific containers for each page area, but it also spans right the way across the user’s monitor. This is especially handy when taking into consideration those with an exceptionally large monitor, helping prevent the main site content being lost in a sea of flat colour. Check out this collection of excellent examples of this web design style, and follow through to a quick walkthrough of how to create the effect yourself.

5 Must Know Web Design Polishing Techniques

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There are a range of simple techniques that can be employed by web designers to add the finishing touches to a website design, giving an extra level of detail that makes the design jump from the screen. Jacob Cass takes a look at five of these polishing techniques that can be easily implemented in your next design project to give dramatic results.

Win a Limited Edition Hash One WordPress Theme

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My friends from over at Obox Design have chosen Line25 as a distributor for one of five of their limited edition Hash One WordPress theme. After checking out the theme details myself I can say the design and functionality of top quality, with a range of features and special javascript effects built in. Read on to find out more about the Hash One theme, and how to put yourself in the running for a chance of winning the theme for yourself.