3 Free BundleHunt Packages For Line25 Readers

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Noura Yehia (original founder of has kindly arranged for 3 lucky Line25 readers to get their hands on the latest bundle of goodies from BundleHunt, absolutely free! BundleHunt is currently on its second treasure giveaway with the resources this time around tallying up to $2000. The bundle is on sale at just $50, but read on to find out how you could be in with a chance of getting it for free.

The BundleHunt treasure includes a range of sought after and useful resources, including a collection of premium fonts, stock vector download credits, PC and Mac desktop applications, WordPress themes and a web hosting package.

The complete treasure weighs in at over $2000 in value, but is heavily discounted at $50 as a limited time offer. Head over to and purchase before the offer ends on October 19th.

Win a free bundle!

To be in with a chance of winning one of the three bundle giveaways here on Line25, simply leave a comment on this post giving an insight into which resource you’re most excited about. Winners will be drawn out at random on Wednesday 13th (that’s just two days away!)

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Written by Chris Spooner

Chris Spooner is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. Check out Chris' design tutorials and articles at Blog.SpoonGraphics or follow his daily findings on Twitter.

  • Sasa Stefanovic

    Most excited about WordPress theme !

  • Alex

    wow, great giveaway. hope I win this fantastic bundle!

  • Edward

    Most definitely the WordPress themes :)

  • Rasmus

    I tried berokyo a few months back but never bought it. But o' boy what a great app.

    Also the CleanMyMac is something i have been wanted to buy for ages :)

  • Sirirat

    Site5 is my most wanted!! (for my first website)
    All other are very interesting too ;-)

  • lipelip

    Wow thanks :)

    The fontSpring for me !

  • Bartek

    I'm most excited about WordPress themes from Themify! :)

  • Dmitry Lozhkin

    Not bad :)

  • Peter

    My most wanted go to: CleanMyMac

  • Illiya Vjestica

    I hope I win!

  • Ari Arsyadi

    Hi, as a freelance designer, I surely need high quality design resources in my everyday work and BundleHunt is definitely the perfect choice to have. I imagine how easy my work process will become with this bundle as the bundle offers great products.

    PCKeeper is the one I need the most as I think this will be highly useful in keeping my PC always in good shape.


  • davidg

    wordpress themes for me :)

  • Glenn Van Bogaert

    I'm excited about two things: the Themify themes and the web hosting which could come in handy for or young enterprise company.

  • volodya valchev

    good luck to me.

  • flashmech

    30 premium credits to vecteezy will really make it for me! I hope I win! :D

  • Chucknology

    Definitely the CleanMyMac app….

  • Jaws Wong

    The Themify themes and Obox Themes! Both come with an awesome framework!

  • Sebastien

    Hum ! I would have everything ;) I play !

  • Christian

    What a nice bundle that is! 6 months of draftboard sounds like a great thing to me.

  • Richard Tape

    You've got to be in it, to win it. :) Best of luck, everyone. Very excited about the fonts (I'm a font geek)

  • hardik

    i am really excited about vps of site5, that's really great offer.

    really valuable and super bundle.

  • Tina Ta

    I love the Web fonts, only this is already a bargain!

  • Tony Delalande

    Very excited for CleanMyMac and fonts ! May the luck be with me…

  • Gyo

    wow, great giveaway. hope I win this fantastic bundle!

  • Cameron D

    Man, 8 best selling web fonts sound awesome to me!!

  • Mathias

    I would like the wordpress thems from

  • Sahan

    Love the fonts!

  • Arya

    Wish u luck everyone!

  • Yongning Liang

    This's COOOOOL

  • Sergei Tatarinov

    I wish one! Fingers crossed ;) Good luck, guys.

  • Roy

    I'm curious about the webfonts, I think they will make my designs look stunning.

  • Donnie

    The Vecteezy credits interest me the most. After that I'd say it's the WordPress themes.

  • formlotse

    I am most exited about the fontspring fonts. But there are so many great resources in this bundle that it is really hard to tell which one makes me most exited.

  • Art

    Really? It's got to be Ronin I'm most excited about.

  • Evert

    I'd like to win for CleanMyMac and Berokyo.

  • Yvaine

    Amazing;D When I think of clean my mac.. it's freakin' cool . Finally! It's almost as cool as 3 wordpress themes. Fantastic!

  • catalonia

    It's a really interesting package with very useful resources.

    Fonts and wordpress templates are really great.

  • webmasterdubai

    wow really great give way interested in fonts, Mcacleaner

  • Tyago Neres

    Ronin is a great app, I have a free account and they really did a good job. I would also like to win a license of Iconbox.

  • Rakesh KN

    really great deal with very useful resources.

  • Anthony

    The fonts interest me a lot. Great contest.

  • Artis

    For me, FontSpring it is!

  • Pablo

    I really like the "30 Exclusive Big Icons" and the "WP Themez" from Themify!

  • Uncleserb

    Yihaa, another great giveaway ;)
    Many of these apps look great but I'd really like to try CleanMyMac

  • JJJ

    I want the Vecteezy…big time

  • Raksaka Indra A

    This is a great giveaway. I hope I win..!!!

  • Melissa Love

    Ooh, Themify. Absolutely love it for it's customisation and brilliant Theme interface for clients who like to tinker with their blog design.

    And gorgeous Designious. I use it all the time. I always mean to get just one vector and end up with a basketful.

  • Chase Adams

    It all sounds too good to pick from!

  • http://na Kshitiz Rimal

    well, actually i'm not sure what i want .. just wanna be a good designer ..hope the resource i get will help me on my way .

  • Mathieu L.

    Thanks Line25

  • Robert Hoppe

    definitely the WordPress themes :)

  • gela

    i would definitly go for vectorious!

  • smokey

    Im in !!

  • Auke Slotegraaf

    hmmm, old-school type here (me, not the font), so my vote would be for FontSpring's 8 web fonts.

  • Eric

    I would love to check out IconBox so I can finally change that iTunes 10 icon ;-)

  • Igor

    Great contest! =)
    I would like to win the Site 5 hosting or the Themify themes.

  • Jônatan Fróes

    I'm in!

  • Nick Plekhanov

    Wow. That's a great Bundle and awesome giveaway!

    I am most excited about Themify awesome WordPress themes and PCKeeper for Win as it's very useful for me at the time.

    Hope It's my chance to win, fingers crossed…

  • ibunbun

    the font!

  • Julia

    I would love the new fonts from Font Spring!

  • Kevin

    Definitely the WordPress themes!!!

  • teebee

    I'm very interested in the WordPress themes and assorted graphics.

  • Shawn

    I'm a sucker for WordPress themes!

  • Jonathan D.

    A web designer's fantasy! I hope I win!

  • Ankit Sharma

    The icons look awesome!

  • Gavin

    I am loving the fonts and draftboard. Draft board looks like a marvelously organized way to communicate with the client more effectively.

  • Ernestas

    WordPress themes!!! :D

  • Ethan

    i'm obsessed with typography and fontspring sure has some beautiful fonts!
    may the luck of the random draw pay off this time!

  • Webranes

    To win a Bundle is such a great deal… This is a great price and a very useful tool so I absolutely wish to win it too. May the lucky three readers win the price. Whoever gets the slot I give my congratulations to all of you?

  • Tomas

    Excited about WordPress themes!

  • Marc Permanyer

    wiggi or bloggie wp themes for me. thanks line25!

  • themisfit

    Wow what a great set of stuff to win.

  • Eppers

    Vecteezy ! i'm lovin' it :)
    thanks line25 for chance :)

  • Ali

    I would love to get my hands on those wonderful Obox themes:)

  • Alejandro Nanez Ortiz

    Hi, that would be great if I win that package :D
    Greatings from Colombia :D

  • Asmodiel

    Something between the WordPress themes and the Dellustrations Icon pack :D

  • Ariadna

    First of all, sorry for my English, then say that in this place, as in others of Chris, I have found a way to improve my web design. I can not choose just one, all are very well explained and are very interesting.
    Thanks Chris and Noura Yehia (in this case).

  • Stratos

    Interesting giveaway!

    Thank you!!!

  • Bryan Abad

    WP themes and vectorius membership is something id love :D Good luck to everyone!

  • Kyle Ouellette

    I love these bundle hunts, always packed with good stuff! Hope it's me!

  • Yakim van Zuijlen

    I think the 2 Tumblr themes. But it is all good!

  • Iamtheoneyouknowbest

    This bundle sounds great.

  • Drive Net Consulting

    3 months VPS hosting!

  • Derek

    Great bundle. I hope I win.

  • Martti Laine

    I'm really in need of professional fonts, but everything in the bundle looks good.

  • Eusebio Barriga

    Great bundle. I want one :)

  • Hernan Silva

    Great contest.

    I'm super excited to get the vectorious membership, they have some nice files. I also want to put my hands on the FontSpring fonts :P.

    Thanks for the contest. Hoping to win.

  • Hector Lee

    I'm most excited about Iconbox 2. It is absolutely ridiculous to keep my apps in folders. I take forever to go through them and I keep having to check if they are cleared for commercial use. My resources folder is an absolute joke at the moment.

  • Josh

    A clean mac is a happy Mac :)

  • KostasNi

    WordPress themes, icons, fonts… It's hard to choose one.

    Thanks for the giveaway

  • Steve Robillard

    Thanks line 25 this bundle looks like a good deal even without a mac.

  • Shari

    So very, very hard to choose! If I had to pick one, I think I would select the fonts from FontSpring. It's all just so great. :)

  • Daniel Silva

    Most excited about WordPress theme !

  • Sethry

    The fontspring package alone is easily worth the $50!

  • Brent Alexander

    Always looking for good WordPress Themes and fonts!

    Also, CleanMyMac is a very useful app!

  • Seth W

    Most excited about the Ronin app. It'd be great to get their quality service for sending invoices and keeping track of billable hours.

  • Gerardo Diaz

    I would love to win this.

    And everything sounds excellent! But What interests me the most is the Vectorious membership. It's a great value!

  • Tracy Elliott

    There's so much here I want to try, I don't even know which I'm most excited about!

  • Rıfat Caner Anilturk

    for Me Site 5 and WordPress theme

  • Manos Theodosis

    I'm most excited about the Fonts! I really wish I'll win this!

  • George E.

    I am definitely excited to the CleanMyMac and DraftBoardApp. I am also starting into WordPress theme building and looking forward to utilize those as well.

  • mohammed

    yes it`s the wp themes that i`ll be very happy if i got them .

    thank you.

  • Dennis K.

    wow guys, nice bundle again! very excited discovering all the stuff!

  • Adam

    Most excited about FontSpring

  • Kaiserlino

    Absolutely Themefy.
    Still looking for creating a new layout for my blog, so they may give a brand good start

  • Piotr Coselev

    GL 2 ALL

  • Jaryre

    I'm really excited about IconBox!!! Thanks!!!

  • Stephen Kistner

    I never knew Bundle Hunt even existed! I could definitely use some of these, including the Eezy Premium, and FontSpring packages, as I have seen some really nice items on the Eezy sites that I would like to have, and I'm always looking for new fonts. Berokyo looks pretty cool too, as my desktop is incredibly unorganized.

  • Jonathan

    I would really appreciate those 8 fonts from Fontspring! There's always such goodlooking fonts but as a student you really cant prioritize buying such stuff.

  • Eric

    I'm most interested in the vectors from Vectorious (always helpful), the fonts from FontSpring, the three themes from (I develop themes and am always interested in seeing the techniques other designers use). I've never designed a Tumblr theme, so I'd definitely like to check out the Obox themes.

    Lots of good stuff. I think I'll be ordering this even if I don't win!

  • Alex Bass

    From the list, I must say that Picturesque from Aqualia looks the best, although it seems simple, it's and elegant, clean application which would save tonnes of time making things look great!
    If I had to pick another one, it would probably be PCKeeper for keeping my PC in good shape, as I never really bother with it!
    Thanks :)

  • Navjot Singh

    Am interested in the Wordpess and Tumblr themes. :)

  • Mike Shick

    I'm excited for MiniOneRacing and the vecteezy credits! Thanks for the chance chris!

  • Matt @ DVQ

    I would love to try out IconBoxApp.

  • jaime.radar

    i think id be most excited over the wordpress themes. really trying to learn how to customize that shizz

  • Austin Knight

    I'm a bit interested in the Clean My Mac deal, I need a lil' re-organization of space :)

  • J. Teague

    I am most excited about the WebFonts from FontSpring. But I'd put a lot of this bundle to great use.

  • Seth

    I would like site5, vectorious and

  • Barbara

    I hope I win! good luck to everyone!

  • Mj

    Would love the wordpress themes!

  • Chris

    I'll take a shot at it.

  • Steven

    I'm stoked about the WordPress themes!!

  • Mars

    let me win this

  • sam

    hey it's nice stuff…thanks

  • Apisit

    ❤ I Love Fontspring ❤

  • Hannes

    Bundle ftw :D

  • Eric

    Thanks Chris! I'm most excited about the 8 best-selling webfonts from fontspring.


  • Nicklace

    I waaaaaaaaant it please ^^

  • karan

    Excited about Draftboard App

  • Pam

    Would LOVE to get a BundleHunt package for free!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Robert

    Definitely the WordPress themes from Themify!

  • Luke Kidney

    Yeah it's got to be the wordpress themes! Clean my mac looks pretty useful too!

  • Phillip

    I've recently bought a mac and as you can guess, I don't have a lot of money to spare on apps. Winning this pack would be an excellent opportunity to check out some great looking apps.
    I really like the sound of Draftboard, it could be extremely useful for group projects at University, collaborating with friends and prospective clients.

  • Shane

    The web hosting would be neat and much needed :D However my site desperately needs a makeover so I would have to say the WordPress Themes. :)

  • MateToth90

    I'm excited about the site5 host, I always wanted to try their services. On the other hand, I love the work of obox, so i'd liek to own their themes too.

  • Paul Sizer

    I would have to say I'm most excited about the Themes from Themify.

  • mor4ee

    Want to win!

  • Sree

    soo nice ! hope i will win… .

  • James Coleman

    I'm excited about the wordpress themes. I'm hoping to learn how to program wordpress themes and what better way than to take a peek at how these professional themes are put together

  • Ed Baxter

    Wow, hard to make a choice on what i'm most excited about, I would have to say all the memberships, great opporunity to learn and expand skills!


  • Lime Web Design

    Count me in. Thanks

  • Peter Russell

    I'm looking forward to the WordPress themes!

  • kabamaru

    thank you chris. your site is a win anyways.

  • Sascha

    I am exited about the IconBox App. Tested the trial and I am loving this program :D

  • paul rostorp

    I'm in !

  • Bryce

    Would love to check out the WordPress themes and CleanMyMac as well as everything else.

  • Shebby

    I am keeping my eyes set on the fonts….:)

  • Kevin

    FYI…the link at the bottom is actually linking to I would be excited about the Themify themes.

  • Arminder Dahul

    I think for me the web fonts would be most handy. You can never have enough useful fonts. I'd be able to use them in designs, within the web pages, everything.

  • Alan Dowling

    Access to Draftboard looks promising and CleanMyMac would be very helpful, assuming it works as advertised. Very good looking bundle overall.

  • Carlos

    Hey guys…

    I'm most excited about the 30 exclusive big icons!

    Thanks Chris!

  • Sal

    Awesome giveaway – I'm particularly excited about the Draftboard app – definitely would make my communique w/ my clients much simpler than it is now.

  • S. Spreng

    I really can't decide on a favorite, but the 2 I like most are probably PCKeeper and Berokyo. Oh heck, there all awesome!

  • Macwitty

    IconBoxApp seems interesting,don't mind take a closer look. Well, don't mind the other thing in the bundle either ;)
    Maybe the WordPress theme would make me to take the step to set up a new WP site

  • Chris B

    Real excited about the wordpress themes.

  • Matej B.

    Nice one Chris! Vecteezy/Brusheezy its the one (two) to go for. =)

  • Jimmy Hoang

    WOW! Awesome so much value for all of these good things. Great Web Resources! :)

  • Rachel

    I'd love to win and am most looking forward to the web fonts – it's brilliant getting gorgeous fonts but to get some quality premium fonts for free is amazing!

  • Marcos Santiago

    Contao themes for me :)

  • Leslie A Joy

    I'm loving the Site5 hosting package!

  • B. L.

    WordPress themes sound cool!

  • Andy Hutchins

    Count me in. I am probably most excited about the the icons manager deal. That or the vector subscriptions and credits. I can always use those.

  • Ryan

    GlassCubes definitely! I needed a project management application but didn't know which to choose so I wrote my own in PHP. Definitely not as robust as a professional app.

  • Daniel C

    In their own unique ways, any one of those treasures would fit quite tidily into my routine. But hosting and the WordPress themes would finally give me a solid online reputation. Then again, I can think of a million other possibilities to truly utilize everything bundlehunt has to offer!

  • Rezdwan Hamid

    The hosting is what I am very excited about.

  • peter


  • Daniel Pereira


    Not being greedy but all these would be great :-)

  • Heather

    Definitely interested in CleanMyMac, since mine has started to run a little slow. And the offer for FontSpring is exciting too!

  • Brandon

    Absolutely need more WP and Tumblr themes. Thank you!

  • Spencer

    The site5 web hosting is really quite neat. I would love that especially since I haven't had decent web hosting in several years :(
    The Themify themes are awesome as well!

  • Lee Gustin

    clean my mac I have tried and loved, but have never bought it.

  • Matthew

    I'm most excited for IconBox 2.0. However, the included WordPress themes look awesome!