20 Innovative Web Layouts To Inspire You

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Layouts are the foundation of a website. They separate the website’s sections and guide the visitors to the most important elements of a page. Layouts don’t have to be boring, though. A creative designer can combine both an unusual layout with user-friendliness so that the website will be fully functional and still attractive to the users.

40 Financial Website Designs + Templates

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The financial domain is often associated with professionalism and more rigid, corporate design concepts. For example, as a financial advisory firm, you need to create a trustworthy image. That’s why you shouldn’t overlook an important aspect – the online appearance. Your website must have a concise but informative design, a proper use of images and useful content that delivers your message in a successful and effective way. Whether you’re a businessman, a financial company owner or just looking for design inspiration for a client, you should find some great design ideas and templates in the list below.

40 Institution Website Designs That Are NOT Boring

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Institutions are a vital part of our society and they must use various methods to promote their activity and make their presence know in the online medium as well. That’s why each institution must have a presentation website where users can learn about their activity, projects and also have an exciting online experience. Institution websites come in many styles and designs, some of them even having a very artistic and creative look, while still remaining professional and educative.

45 Startup Website Designs, Templates and Tools Worth Saving

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It seems like we see more and more startups launched each day. Young adults prefer to emerge in the world of entrepreneurship, rather than choosing the risk-free option of getting a job. Entrepreneurs learned that the first impression means everything, especially when it comes to startup businesses so, creating a website and a strong online presence for their startup is an essential step.

20 Unique Portfolio Layouts and Presentations

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If you want to stand out in this competitive design market, it’s important to make your portfolio as impressive as you can. A touch of creativity and innovative thinking will get you a long way in your career, plus having both online and offline portfolios will also increase your visibility.

40 Branding Ideas for Startups All Over The World

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Some people think entrepreneurship is easy, but they cannot be any further from the truth. Many entrepreneurs struggle and work very hard to get their startup going and most of the time, what appears to be an overnight success, actually implies lots of years of hard work with multiple ups and downs.