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Written by Chris Spooner

Chris Spooner is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. Check out Chris' design tutorials and articles at Blog.SpoonGraphics or follow his daily findings on Twitter.

  • statm

    great site! just one tiny typo in the first link: *Chinese* Survival Kit :)

    • Chris Spooner

      LOL! I'd like to blame that on AutoCorrect but in reality it was all me. Fixed.

      • Raj Mehta

        Nice collection of sites thanks for sharing this Chris.

        I like the in motion site design


  • Richy

    Hahah I'm thinking Chris had ordered a Chinese right before he started this post and that's all he could think about!

    Oh these sites are beautiful by the way.

    Great compilation skills Chris :)

  • zdoug

    Great sites! I'm coming here forever! Always have a great inspiration for my web layouts every week!

  • Kasia

    thanks for inspiring collection. My favorite is No. 1 on the list – great colors and the subject:)

  • sara

    Please include my well coded html5 site

    • T Maynard

      Is this how your company does its SEO link building?

      At least get a gravatar so your not so blatant.

  • Web Design Southport

    Haven't you just been through the awwwards website and chosen a few?…

  • alicetheblue

    Thanks Chris – nice.

    I like "Cheese", the first one, for the design. But, find the colors kinda confusing for "cheese" – more appropriate for "Chinese" as mentioned by Richy.

    ok. hungry now. must have take-out.

  • Darryl Snow

    In Motion… does anyone remember goatse?

  • Paul

    Pretty cool designs – in motion gives me a few ideas.

  • vern

    With the Luxus site it's the graphics within the numbers that I particularly like. It's their subtle use that is so effective.

  • Web Desgin Kent

    Cheese Survival Kit and In Motion are my pick of the bunch.

  • T Maynard

    Nice list.

    It appears the majority of these sites sport a more symmetrical approach in their logo placement and navigation list.

    Do you see this trending?

  • Website Development

    Our favourite is 1, folled by 5…

  • Steve

    Haha, cheese survival kit? That's funny…

  • Ron

    Great finds again!

  • Janoo


  • Mike Kus

    Oh hey, i'm so Mike Kus. Not. Shout out to In Motion, check out my version

  • http://MiamiMarketing Alex

    Great site