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Written by Chris Spooner

Chris Spooner is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. Check out Chris' design tutorials and articles at Blog.SpoonGraphics or follow his daily findings on Twitter.

  • Illiya Vjestica

    Joey Lomanto that is a really nice website beautiful layout and colors. I really like the timeline about what he does in terms of services. That is a very nice touch. Great collection as per usual .

  • NathaCreative

    McKinney! Love the colors and the background. Really nice image slider.

  • Phil Readman

    Joey Lomanto for me this time round!

    love the shear scale of the elements on eight hour day aswell.

    cheers phil.

  • Massimo Nastasi

    McKinney! it's really harmonic

  • Ethan

    Nice list Chris, thanks! I love the McKinney site. Did you notice that the background texture is a tessellation of their logo? It's my favorite part of their new site. Plus, their office is two doors down from my university. Awesome all around.

  • steveo

    Joey Lomanto for the rich palette; Questionable Characters for the rich content.

  • steveo

    Actually, just realised Joey's colourful bar is all in CSS – nice!

  • Arturo

    Eight Hour Day. Web standards are important to me, and this site got it alright for me compared to the others!

  • Stephen Kistner

    Joey Lomanto's site is the best this week. It's not cluttered or overwhelming, and the colors are absolutely beautiful.

  • Chris

    Gotta be McKinney for me. Pure minimalist goodness with a lot of nice interactive web elements.

  • Nick Jones

    Great list. Check the McKinney site out on a touch device if you have one. The feature/Twitter/work detail areas swipe. I'm a huge fan of Eight Hour Day's work so my vote goes to them.

  • inspirationfeed

    These all share the same kind of texture style.

  • Craig Risk

    nice collection of sites…brilliant

  • Vikesh Patel

    My choice is for McKinney this week. The design concept is simple but is pulled off really well.
    I think the little details make the site stand out from this list, the logo overlapping the slide show and the textured background in particular.
    I also like the simpleness of Danny Keanes portfolio site.

  • Greg McAusland

    Keane wins out on this selection for me. I know its such a straight forward style, but it's almost a timeless style for me..

    Technically beautiful in its simplicity.. Subtle, readable, elegant and clean.

  • Alessandro

    really nice collections of sites… Questionable Characters awesome bg