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Written by Chris Spooner

Chris Spooner is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. Check out Chris' design tutorials and articles at Blog.SpoonGraphics or follow his daily findings on Twitter.

  • Steven

    Can you pleeeaassseee add target="_blank" to the links, lol. It's a pet hate of mine!

    • Chris

      You can also right click and open in a new window, or ctrl+click, or use the middle mouse button if you're using a mouse ;)

    • Darryl Snow

      I tend to like my browser's back button (or just ⌘-[ ) and not having too many tabs open. I guess as these are clearly links to other sites they could be expected to open in a new window (as opposed to internal links or text links within a paragraph, for example), but Chris would have to indicate that somehow on the link itself.

    • Sandie

      Yeah, I have mentioned this to him before as well. Still have to right click to open a new tab!

      • Khalid

        Are you on a Mac? Try cmd + 'click' (on Windows it's probably ctrl + 'click'). That's easier than opening the option with a right click.

        However, I don't agree with you guys to add target="_blank".

    • Matt

      I just created a simple bookmarklet.


    • Tara

      I agree! I think it is expected that external links will open in new tabs.

  • zain

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  • Lalit Vijay

    How do you pick these sites. What things you consider in opting your listing?

    It has been really always been inspiring

  • AdamTheGr8

    Internal links should never open in a new window – you could offer a lightbox icon – ONLY external links should open in a target="_blank".

    'can you make the button flash?' – no.

  • Jason

    Pick me, pick me!

    Your choices were mostly white minimal designs and/or with a large graphic. I'm seeing more and more of this. I do like the Eleventh Edition website.

  • Jason

    Funny that most of the comments are about clicking to a new page/tab. I'm always very intentional about this by habit and hold down "control" while clicking if I want to open a new tab. So whether you make the target _blank or not doesn't affect me :)

  • Mak

    lovely…i like Jet Cooper & Spectrum..

  • Dans kursu

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