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Written by Chris Spooner

Chris Spooner is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. Check out Chris' design tutorials and articles at Blog.SpoonGraphics or follow his daily findings on Twitter.

  • Rodney Keeling

    Wow fantastic collection! I love the flow of that first one!

  • Masud

    again some great website, i like Jeroen Homan a lot… Thanks Chris

  • ximi

    I actually featured FRESH01 on my on blog a few weeks ago…I simply love their creative navigation!

  • jay design

    FRESH01 and 177 are nice, clean designs. The scrolling background on FRESH01 is sweet!

  • Alan

    Its seems clean is the theme this week, lol.

    Love them all and i think the simplisity of the first one is great.

  • Guilherme Moreira

    Hey, Chris, great collection, I've just loved this Core8 web site and it's logo.

    Nice post, dude!

  • Sin

    Love the first and fourth!

  • Saad Ibrahim

    I like the last one.. but there seem to be a problem with their typography

  • Saad Ibrahim

    oh yea love the effects use on fresh01
    nice list!

  • Tim Smith

    Great list this week! I absolutely love the effects on Fresh01. That site is so awesome!

  • Zach

    On the Core site, I like how they handle the multiple images for each project. Simple an concise. It is always interesting to see how people handle their different portfolios.

  • Ian Devlin

    Love the FRESH101 site. Very nice indeed. Core8's is snazzy.

  • DesignTutr

    Jeroen Homan and Core8 are definitely my favs. Great list as usual!

  • Webchester

    Great collection, especially site "Crush + Lovely".

  • David Hillier

    I Really like the impace of the core8 website.
    It's really striking and its good to a see a site making the most of white on black text.

  • Paul Sizer

    Really like all the sites this week, I think they all have something nice about them. Great post.

  • lono

    interesting to find that core are only just round the corner from me. nice collection.

  • Monolith Multimedia

    the 5th and the last one are really inspiring to me

  • Honey

    Love the effects on Fresh01. Just perfect. The site by Jeroen Homan has such a clean style. You have a good eye to find these sites.

  • Vim

    Navigation on the Fresh 101 Website is awesome, I'm thinking its probably done using J Query, I really like the design on Core8, Its clean and simple.

  • Jose

    Great collection!!!

  • Raleigh Web Design

    Nice find there Chris. I really love the design direction the web is taking. Free form, open space designs are much more appealing.

  • Alex

    beautiful collection…..

  • Craig

    nice quality post…keep up the good work