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Written by Iggy

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. Check out Iggy's design tutorials and articles at his Web Design Blog or follow his daily findings on Twitter.


  1. Awesome set Chris.
    I was wondering are you on Forrst? If not, and if you're interested in ; I have a lot of invitations left to give. ;-)

  2. aziq says:

    nice roundup.My favourite is Christoph's.Clean and elegant.

  3. Auré says:

    Hi Chris,
    I'm really honored to be part of this list.
    Thanks for the featuring, really.
    All these designs are great ! I've got a little preference for Christoph Zillgens website design.

  4. Neale says:

    Nice roundup Chris, just recently checked out massive blue again and loved the redesign, keep up the good work man

  5. Mal Milligan says:

    Very artistic picks – all of them. The AFD-Folio is simple and elegant… use of color is super. Six11Ink using purple is so bright and eye popping – impressive. Thanks – cheers –

  6. Erik Ford says:

    Thanks for including our work on Six11Ink. It's very humbling being included with these great works.

    I am currently in love with Sam's redesign of Massive Blue and the great use of vibrant colors. The sites by AFD-Folio and Christoph Zillgens are beautifully understated with such a great use of typography that it made me envious.

    Thanks once again for inclusion.

  7. Thanks for the good selection, as usual – I'm always keeping an eye on your weekly web design inspirations, and they are always good.

    All-For-Design's Portfolio section is my pick from this week's list.

  8. Laira says:

    Very Great Thanks For The Nice Posting…..

  9. Jonny says:

    Like the Six11Ink site, purple is nice.

  10. BORA says:

    Great list! Thanks for putting this together!

  11. DSM Design says:

    Cheers for the list! The Forrst site really grabbed my attention, very Yogi Bear-esque! Loves it!

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