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Written by Chris Spooner

Chris Spooner is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. Check out Chris' design tutorials and articles at Blog.SpoonGraphics or follow his daily findings on Twitter.

  • Len

    Great finds again!

  • Bay Area Website Design

    Bionic Hippo is successful in this week.

  • Gonzo the Great

    I like bionic hippo a lot, only thing I don't understand is the use of line-height, especially the 12px body text for the columns (that's not really read-friendly!)

    Thanks for sharing, Cheers & Ciao ..

  • Photoshop Plus

    "Activate" for sure. great design.

  • Phil

    Some great little sites there. I really like the clean design of bionic hippo, but I think my favourite is the Activate one. I think the design is a bit different from the "norm" and I like the use of simple animation on it just to make the site feel a bit more "active"

  • Arturo

    This time is really hard for me just to pick one as my favorite since all of them are great! Good post.

  • JustJen_wd

    I've been loving Activate for a while now! Make sure you guys have been viewing it in Safari! Weee!!!!! I really like illustrative designs.

  • Kyle Reed

    Great stuff as always. Keep em coming

  • Andrey

    Hi. Just wanted to share – great thanks for the "Sites of the week". Always looking forward to check amazing sites you find! Much appreciated,

  • SmashinGeeks

    Bionic Hippo is looking awesome and too this site.

  • Filipe Valente

    Nice Websites

  • Mohammad Danish

    this is a nice web site , i like this site .

  • Parwez Anwer

    Hi there,
    I came here first time and i found some good websites idea and photo. and i like to subscribe your post.

    thanking you


  • aziq

    loving activate.nice!

  • Illiya Vjestica

    Chris these collections of websites just make my week!

    Activate looks brilliant.

    Excellent inspiration from all these sites!

  • inspirationfeed

    I'm diggin Corpus.

  • web design hull

    Nice collection… Activate is excellent really love it.

  • Relationships Web Design

    Very nice, i like the simplicity of Bionic Hippo…

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    Nice inspiration. Bookmarked

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