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Written by Chris Spooner

Chris Spooner is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. Check out Chris' design tutorials and articles at Blog.SpoonGraphics or follow his daily findings on Twitter.

  • Cristian

    Does anyone knows which font (or similar typeface) uses the Whiteloupe's logo?

    Any help would be appreciated!

    - C.

    • bram

      Adelle Bold ;-)
      and this is where you can get it

      • Cristian

        Wow! Thanks a lot! Never expected to get such a helpful reply :O

        - C.

  • http://www.футболмастер.рф/ alex

    Beautiful designs as usual. Thanks for sharing.

  • Fazreen

    I like the gradient background used in Tapmonkeys website.

  • bram

    Looooove the Moody design. The rest not so much this week am afraid. BTW thanks for sharing these every week!

  • joshintosh

    Yeah, Moody hands down! Nice collection! thanks!

  • Dave

    Nice collection, love the simple stylised illustration style on the Moody site.

  • Alice

    I really like the Moody site! They took a bright and lively approach to the design, rather than opting for the boring look some accounting firms choose. Thanks for sharing!

  • inspirationfeed

    I love Mathieu Whites website!

  • Rutu

    Nice collection. The Moody web site is really lovely!

  • Mike

    Gotta love the slider action on the Moody site. I also love that even though it is a professional site, it still has a fun aspect to it

  • sam – Web design dorset

    I love Moody internationals web site i would love to know how to integrate the stylish Jquery into my web site i think its epic!!

  • Darren @ Bournemouth Web Design

    Some super-sleek designs there Chris,

    CINEMA is the one that grabs me – really good use of plush-feeling colours.

    - and good use of whitespace too.

    Many Thanks,

  • Dreb

    These are cool sites. I'd consider myself designing my own. Really amazed in the dropr site but i love the mathieu more for it's simple but really creative design in a minimalistic way.

    thanks Chris.

  • Web Design Wicklow

    If this were a contest, tapmonkeys would get my vote, simply stunning.

  • Web Design Scotland

    That Moody International is a bit of a rip of the Oil&Gas company "Moody International". Other than that, lovely selection!

  • http://MoodyInternational Marilyn

    i love the Moody International Web Page, I love the art work throughout the site,it is very playful, and the colors are rich.

  • website design milton keynes

    Love the Tapmonkeys site. Awesome design. Kudos to the creator.