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Written by Iggy

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. Check out Iggy's design tutorials and articles at his Web Design Blog or follow his daily findings on Twitter.


  1. Is it just me ..? Or do the sites no. 2,3 & 5 almost look exactly the same?

    The same layout, just different colors and graphics?

    Web design is getting quite boring if this will be the trend, Cheers & Ciao ..

  2. Graham says:

    Nice list Chris.
    Going to go check 'em out.

  3. ABDUL JANOO says:

    good collection

  4. Damn my site did make it lol

  5. Paul Hamis says:

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  6. Buzz says:

    Nice list… like the graphics and type on Forever Heavy… thanks for sharing

  7. Nice lists of websites there Chris.

  8. Tom Siodlak says:

    Nice selection. Our Swiss Life is beautfiul.

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