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Written by Iggy

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. Check out Iggy's design tutorials and articles at his Web Design Blog or follow his daily findings on Twitter.


  1. Ged says:

    Great selection this week Chris. I especially like to sticky navigation on the Manos and Flywheel sites. Lovely stuff.

  2. Saul says:

    Manos doesn't seem to belong in your normal site of the week list. Sure the website is nice, nothing new – but did you even look at the work they show in their portfolio? Horrible, very amateur stuff. Love Flywheel – curious to try out their service.

  3. What a good week for web design.

  4. I like to thanks chris and appreciate your Lovely stuff.

  5. slaapme says:

    Great selection, love it thx :)

  6. kuikistudio says:

    I would say a good week for web designers!!! and also work of Chris should appreciated too for the nice stuff!!!

  7. Mak says:

    Great work for weekly web design along with creative design..

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